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11 eco-friendly stores in Rotterdam

By Marion Rault
February 22, 2021

Whether you want to buy more sustainable and conscious, or to eat healthier by choosing organic products, you are at the right place. In order to help you with this, I’ll share 10 eco-friendly stores in Rotterdam.

I try to reduce plastic waste as much as possible and prefer buying sustainable products. That is why I tend to go to eco-friendly and zero-waste supermarkets and local stores in Rotterdam. These offer organic food and self-care products. Here are my top 11 eco-friendly stores in Rotterdam!


1. Gimsel

Gimsel is een geweldige ecologische supermarkt in Rotterdam waar je biologische voeding en cosmetica kunt kopen.

Gimsel is a great eco-friendly supermarket in Rotterdam to find organic food and cosmetics. It is located in the Groene Passage, the shopping centre dedicated to ecology in Rotterdam. Gimsel is no exception and offers quality organic food and beverages, but also organic cosmetics.

Moreover, you will find everything you need to make your own household products, such as detergent. Gimsel is the perfect choice if you want to go zero-waste and avoid harmful product to the environment and to yourself.

What I really like about the Gimsel store is that they also offer many products in bulk (such as pasta, rice and cereals), giving their customers the option to reduce their plastic waste. Gimsel is one of the few stores to offer this option.


Mariniersweg 9, 3011 NB Rotterdam


2. Rechtstreex

Rechtstreex is a great eco-friendly initiative which allows you to buy groceries from local farmers. They are working with local farmers, growers and producers in the area of Rotterdam.

It is a transparent organization, for instance you know how much of your expenses goes directly to the farmer.

To sum up, Rechtstreex offers you a direct, local, fair and social food system.

Moreover, the buying process is simple. You can order online and collect your basket at one of their pick-up points. There is a big chance that one of them is in your neighbourhood!

Check out the Rechtstreex website.


Keilestraat 9F, 3029 BP Rotterdam


3. Pieter-pot

Another brilliant concept is the one from Pieter-Pot, allowing you to do packaging-free shopping. The idea is so simple: having your groceries delivered without packaging.

Simple, yet an awesome idea! The products are delivered to your home, packed in nice and reusable jars. This means no single use packaging, no unnecessary and superfluous plastic. This will allow you to considerably reduce your waste, without much effort.

So how does it work? The jars you receive are subject to a deposit. When you place your next order, Pieter-Pot will take your empty jars back, you get your deposit back. The jars are washed and reused for future orders.

In addition, a good thing to know is that it suits all budgets, because the prices are similar to the ones in supermarket. Pieter-pot is a great option for zero-waste and eco-friendly groceries, accessible for everyone.

Check out the Pieter-Pot website.


4. Ekoplaza

You probably already know Ekoplaza, a 100% organic food supermarket. It is a Dutch chain and they are present in many cities in the Netherlands. There are two different Ekoplaza stores in Rotterdam.

You will find organic products with a fair price, while farmers and producers also get paid fairly. They are also offering a large choice of plastic-free organic products.

To sum up, Ekoplaza has a good balance of healthy, organic products and ways to reduce plastic waste.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 236-242, 3021 GN Rotterdam

Lusthofstraat 97, 3061 WL Rotterdam


5. Natuurwinkel Zonnemaire

Natuurwinkel Zonnemaire is een biologische supermarkt in Rotterdam-Noord waar je biologische producten kunt kopen.

Natuurwinkel Zonnemaire is another organic supermarket in the North of Rotterdam where you can find organic products.

They also have a website where you can order online. You will find a great choice of organic food and beverage, including fresh products. In addition, on the website, you can also find organic personal care products.


Kleiweg 125-A, 3051 GM Rotterdam


6. An-Dijvie Natuurvoeding

An-Dijvie Natuurvoeding is an organic supermarket in the West of Rotterdam, in Delfshaven.

Everything you will shop there is organic. They offer daily fresh bread, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, meat, meat substitutes and vegetarian cheese. In addition, you will also find the usual dry goods as pasta and beverages.


Jan Kruijffstraat 47-B, 3026 VN Rotterdam


7. Waar

Captured by @marionro.cks

Located in the city centre of Rotterdam, WAAR offers lots of sustainable products. You can shop plastic free products for everyday life and for your bathroom, as solid shampoo or bamboo toothbrush. You can also find organic products for your home, such as natural cleaning products and plants.

Moreover, a large part of WAAR’s collection comes from fair trade certified importers.

Their doors might be closed right now, but you can shop their products online on their website!


Oude Binnenweg 116, 3012 JG Rotterdam


8. Lily Scarlet

Looking for sustainable clothes? Shopping second-hand is a great solution for that!

On the Zwaanhals in North of Rotterdam you can find several amazing vintage stores. Such as the lovely Lily Scarlet shop. What once started as a web store has grown into a physical store.

Do you love clothing from the 40s and 50s? Then this is the vintage shop for you. The collection is super diverse. Buy the most beautiful hats, shoes, bags, jewelry, gloves, vintage blouses and much more here.

Zwaanshals 374, 3035 KT Rotterdam


9. Natur-el

Natur-el also offers a great alternative option to fast-fashion. Located in Rotterdam Noord, at Natur-el you can shop responsible and fair clothing, but also of organic quality. This is a good place to find good basics and eco-friendly clothes.

Here the website where you can buy online.


Zwaanshals 376, 3035KT Rotterdam


10. Swapshop

Another fantastic alternative to fast fashion: the Swapshop. This is an impact-driven foundation with a circular business model. The Swapshop’s mission is to extend the life of clothing and make swapping the norm.

At the Swapshop you can hand in your clothes and accessories that you no longer wear and in return you will receive Swaps. You can use your swaps to get 50% discount on other handed in items.


Weena 70, 3012 CM Rotterdam


11. Organic outdoor market

De Binnenrotte Markt is echt de ideale plek om lokale groenten, fruit, leuke vintage items en nog veel meer te scoren! Deze markt kun je vinden bij de Rotterdamse Markthal!

Of course, a great place where to shop organic and local products in a nice atmosphere is to go to the weekly outdoor market. For instance, there is the Binnenrotte market in the city centre of Rotterdam on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and the Oogstmarkt Noordplein in Rotterdam Noord on Saturdays. For more information, check the article about the 12 markets in Rotterdam.


Here were my top 11 eco-friendly stores in Rotterdam. I hope you liked these ideas where to shop organically, locally, and in a sustainable way. If you have other addresses in mind, do not hesitate to share it with us in comment!


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  • The shop Margootje Vintage closed at the end of 2019. I know that, because I was and still am a loyal customer. For now they only sell online, or during her garage sale @ De Kroon in Delsfhaven where Margootje Vintage has her office. (Schiemond 20-22, 3024 EE Rotterdam)

    • Hi Esteban, thank you for letting us know. 🙂 I’ve changed Margootje for another lovely shop on the Zwaanhals, but left your comment so people can find useful info about Margootje.

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