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Discover these shoe stores in Rotterdam!

By Kim Longwood
April 26, 2023

In Rotterdam you will discover a lot of different shoe shops for all kinds of occasions.

Are you looking for shoes for sports, for every day or a wonderfully extravagant party? From sneakers to boots, sandals to heels. In all colours, designs, heights and sizes, at these great shoe stores in Rotterdam you will find the most beautiful new shoes.

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Real sneaker freaks naturally buy their sneakers at WOEI. This super hip shoe store in the centre of Rotterdam sells the most unique sneakers from Nike, adidas, Mizuno, Karhu and Reebok, among others.

With a few kicks from WOEI, every outfit is a winner.


Hoogstraat 44-A, 3011 PS Rotterdam


2. Funkie House

If, like me, you love Scandinavian design and (black) leather boots or platform shoes, then a trip to Funkie House is not a bad idea.

In addition to sneakers from Vans, New Balance and Saucony, this streetwear clothing store also sells shoes from the Vagabond Shoemakers brand. They are pricey shoes, but trust me, you want everything regardless of the price tag.


Korte Hoogstraat 15-A, 3011 GJ Rotterdam


3. Silhouette Schoenen

Every Rotterdammer knows this somewhat ordinary shoe store in the Karel Doormanstraat. Silhouette is the best option for anything with a heel higher than ten centimeter, or if you’re looking for new pumps to go with your drag outfit.

But if, like me, you need dancing shoes for pole dancing, you’re in the right place here. Silhouette sells a wide range of Pleaser heels, from cute to sexy.


Karel Doormanstraat 467, 3012 GH Rotterdam


4. Shoe Club

This high-end shoe store sells brands such as UGG, Hogan, Copenhagen Studios, Toral and Santoni. At shoe club you score everything for men and women, from sneakers, pumps and slippers to loafers, lace-up shoes and slippers.


Meent 98, 3011 JR Rotterdam


5. Sacha

Good old Sacha. As a teenager I bought almost everything from this store. Back then I still had a shoe addiction and couldn’t say no to a great pair of boots or heels. Or a matching bag.

At Sacha you buy the latest trends for a good price, making this brand perfect for people who like to follow the latest fashion.


Lijnbaan 80, 3012 ER Rotterdam

Beurstraverse 69-75, 3012 AT Rotterdam


6. Nelson Schoenen

Nelson Shoes is a classy store, suitable for people who have a more understated style or need smart shoes for work.

Nothing wrong with that, sometimes it has to happen, right? Neat does not necessarily mean boring, because you can buy sneakers from Tommy Jeans or boots from Dr. Martens.


Hesseplaats 63, 3069 EA Rotterdam

Lijnbaan 76, 3012 ER Rotterdam



I think Omoda Shoes is such a store where the interior looks more expensive than the shoes are. Perfect, if you think about it.

When I go shopping with my mother, we sometimes walk into this shoe store. All the gold accents look decadent, but the shoes are affordable. And fashionable. Omoda is also a great store for people who like to wear the latest trend.


Karel Doormanstraat 331, 3012 GH Rotterdam


8. Van den Assem Shoes

If you want to talk about expensive, we can talk about Van den Assem. A pair of sneakers quickly costs €239.95 and a pair of leather boots go for €249.95. Yes, this is a store for real shoe lovers who don’t mind dropping a few hundred euros for new shoes.

By the way, keep an eye on the sale period. Then you definitely want to shop here, because Van den Assem often has hefty discounts, so you can buy, for example, Magnanni buckle shoes for a lot less than €359.95.


Aert van Nesstraat 42 50, 3012 CB Rotterdam


9. Mascolori

Go crazy. This is possible with colourful and special shoes from Mascolori. Especially the pointed toe men’s shoes with prints that come straight from a canvas from a museum are very different from your normal white sneakers. You have to be willing to spend , because you won’t get something under €200.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 116, 3015 BE Rotterdam



You can of course buy those white sneakers I just talked about at SNIPES. Think of adidas Originals Supercourt sneakers or New Balance 550s.

Would you rather go for something adventurous? Of course this is possible as well! For example with Nike Air Jordan or Air Max sneakers, Karl Kani or Lacoste kicks, but also with Salomon or Converse designs that come straight from the future.


Lijnbaan 72-74, 3012 EP Rotterdam


11. Clark Shop Rotterdam

Clarks have been around for many years and never really go out of style. The classic design can be worn neatly as well as casually and even cool. Especially the half-high boots in black or brown suit just about everyone and go with almost every outfit.


Lijnbaan 82, 3012 ER Rotterdam


12. Foot Locker

At Foot Locker you score all the hip brands. Think Vans, New Balance, adidas, Nike, ASICS and more.

Great store for shoes for every day and for shoes during sports. In addition to shoes, this store also sells clothing and accessories, so you will walk out with a whole new outfit.


Lijnbaan 75, 3012 EL Rotterdam


13. The Punch Rotterdam

The Punch is, in my opinion, the coolest shoe store in Rotterdam. Tough, iconic and for a very long time the place where you can find (unique) Dr. Martin buys. I bought my very first pair of leather doc boots here that I will cherish forever. In addition to shoes, you can also find clothing from Fred Perry, Ben Sherman and StayPunk here.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 3, 3014 GA Rotterdam


14. Dr. Martens

For everything Dr. Martens, from shoes, boots, bags and accessories to clothing, you go to the name brand store in the Lijnbaan. I think this is a great store for all basic models of Dr. Martens. Unlike The Punch, they have more everyday designs here, which is handy for the day-to-day.


Lijnbaan 65, 3012 EL Rotterdam


15. Pirri

Are you crazy about sneakers? Oh wait… very expensive sneakers? Then Pirri is the shoe store for you. At this high-end sneaker store you can buy Nike sneakers from €209.99 to €399.99, as well as adidas specials of the same price (or higher). 100% guaranteed to look super fresh with a pair of these pattas on your feet.


Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 117, 3012 GS Rotterdam


16. VANS Store Rotterdam

My favourite shoe brand Vans should of course not be missing from this list. If my shoe collection (aka Vans collection) says anything, it’s that I love these skate shoes. They are comfortable, they skate well, they are affordable, there are many cool basic models and constantly changing special edition collections with the nicest prints and colours.


Lijnbaan 78, 3012 ER Rotterdam


I can’t make it any other way: shoes are the best accessory for an outfit. Without a good pair of shoes, your fit won’t succeed. So why not include a day of shopping to treat your feet?

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