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11x Covered outdoor terraces in Rotterdam

By Mathilde Simon
May 10, 2021

Chances are that the moment you read this article, it is raining outside. Very happy about the fact that we we can sit on the terrace again of course, but the Dutch weather is not always cooperative. Certainly not if it’s raining cats and dogs and you just want to relax outdoors with your friends.

If there is one thing we have learned about the Rotterdam restaurants, it’s that they are creative and resilient. Many of our favourite hotspots have provided a covered outdoor terrace, so that you can enjoy a snack and a drink regardless of the weather forecast.

But on which terraces in Rotterdam will you be sitting warm and dry? We share the best hotspots below!


1. Bazar

Whatever happens, the Witte de Withstraat remains the most vibrant street in Rotterdam. And to ensure that you can also enjoy their delicious pita falafel, sigara börek, Turkish bread or lentil soup on lesser days, Bazar has provided a good covered outdoor terrace including a heater. Bringing a piece of the Middle East to this very wet country.


Witte de Withstraat 16, 3012 BP Rotterdam


2. Supermercado

The owners of Supermercado don’t let a little rain keep them from continuing their business. Their huge terrace with umbrellas and plastic canopy is therefore perfect for sheltering from the rain while you throw back some margaritas. Don’t forget the nachos while you’re there, they are very tasty.


Schiedamse Vest 91, 3012 BG Rotterdam


3. Club Sandwich (Weelde)

On the grounds of Weelde you will find Club Sandwich. A nice hotspot for breakfast, lunch and drinks. The menu includes delicious sandwiches, a fried egg with waffles, and various snacks.

Good food and drinks, at one of the coolest hotspots in Rotterdam. Of course, Weelde is the place to spend a summer day, but with the covered terrace you can also enjoy the relaxed vibe at Club Sandwich on lesser days.

Thanks to the roof, this is the ideal place to sit on the terrace while still staying warm and dry!

Don’t wait too long to visit them, because this is Weelde’s last year.


Marconistraat 39, 3029 AG Rotterdam



Do you fancy an afternoon of cocktails, snacks and a view over the marina? Then go to the eye-catching hotspot YOLO in Kralingen. Not only will you be amazed by the view, you will also be sitting comfortably warm and dry on their covered and heated terrace.

Be sure to try some of the shared dining snacks from the menu, such as the shrimp, tuna lollipops or oysters.


Admiraliteitsstraat 17B, 3063 EJ Rotterdam


5. Bokaal

De zon schijnt en gelukkig zijn er in Rotterdam genoeg plekken om ervan te genieten! Wij delen daarom de beste terrassen - m?t een goed uitzicht - in Rotterdam om een hapje te eten of een drankje te drinken.

A place where many people spent their Friday evenings drinking. Fortunately, we don’t have to miss it completely as we can now find a spot on their enormous terrace. Is it cold outside? Then find a table as near to the café as possible, so that you can take advantage of the heaters.


Nieuwemarkt 11, 3011 HP Rotterdam


6. Little V

Little V’s interior has always been one of the factors that make it such a popular hotspot; it’s tropical, green and gives off a great vibe.

Fortunately, they have extended their concept with all kinds of cool lights and plants. At the edge of the building you can sit comfortably covered and heaters have been installed, so that you can enjoy the tastiest ice teas, curries, spring rolls and phos while staying warm and dry.

In addition, when the sun is shining you can of course always move to a table that isn’t covered.


Grotekerkplein 109, 3011 GC Rotterdam


7. Vessel11

Het achterdek van Vessel11. Een super leuk terras om op te zitten!

Thanks to the boat’s construction, Vessel11 is the perfect place to sit on the terrace on a rainy day. The terrace is fully covered with a solid ceiling and thanks to the open sides there is plenty of fresh air. Here you can enjoy a unique experience and a tasty menu inspired by British cuisine.


Wijnhaven 101, 3011 WN Rotterdam


8. Het Zalmhuis

You probably noticed that the Zalmhuis has had a major make-over. It is therefore the ideal place to enjoy some fresh and delicious dishes from the menu in beautiful surroundings.

Amazing sandwiches, fresh sushi rolls or a delicious three-course lunch. All of this with a beautiful view over the water while you are sitting warm and dry.


Schaardijk 396, 2909 LA Capelle aan den IJssel


9. Tante Nel

De zon schijnt en gelukkig zijn er in Rotterdam genoeg plekken om ervan te genieten! Wij delen daarom de beste terrassen - m?t een goed uitzicht - in Rotterdam om een hapje te eten of een drankje te drinken.

Tante Nel is the perfect hotspot to enjoy luxury snacks, even when the sun isn’t shining. Here you can take a seat on their large covered terrace for a delicious, simple bag of fries, but also for a fries stew and the Frikan-Nel, their own homemade frikandel with French Limousin beef and Porc au Grain pork.

For their vegan customers they have vegan mayo and snacks that are fried in a separate deep fryer.


Pannekoekstraat 53, 3011 LC Rotterdam


10. Het Poolcafé

Photo: Vivienne Magalie

The skate enthusiasts in Rotterdam have probably known the Poolcafé for a long time. This large indoor skating hall is a cool addition to the city and the grounds of Weelde. Within the Poolcafé you have the Zandbar, where you can have a nice drink while staying warm and dry.


Marconistraat 39, 3029 AG Rotterdam

11. Brasserie Woodz

Are you taking a stroll around the Kralingse Plas and does the rain start pouring down on you? Hopefully you will be near Brasserie Woodz, because at this nice spot in the Kralingse Bos, they’ll have some nice seats where you’ll stay warm and dry. And the great thing is, you have a beautiful view over the water! Order a nice sandwich or cocktail and wait for the sky to clear.


Langepad 9, 3062 CJ Rotterdam


Do you know any nice covered outdoor terraces in Rotterdam that we should include? Let us know in the comments!

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