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9 Cool gifts from Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
December 04, 2020

Are you looking for a great local gift from Rotterdam? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article I share unique gifts that come from my city.

A local product is much more original and you also help a local entrepreneur. A win-win situation!

From special candles and bags to gift coupons and treats. There is something for everyone! Most of the gifts below can be bought online, super convenient!

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1. Chouette

Chouette is a fabulous Rotterdam webshop where you can order the most beautiful candles. All candles are handmade in their own kitchen with environmentally friendly soy wax from Europe.

These candles are great to gift to someone. You can choose from a single candle, such as a beautiful NUDE candle in different colours, or go for a candle set with different creations. They are all real works of art. It’s almost a shame to light them!

Check out all the candles of Chouette.


2. A Susan Bijl bag

Genieten van het uitzicht op het terras van de Euromast is ideaal als de zon schijnt. Vanwege de heldere lucht kan je namelijk kilometers in de verte kijken! Wij raden aan om tijdens zonsondergang te gaan, om te zien hoe de gouden zonnestralen de stad verlichten.

Almost every cool Rotterdammer has one: the Susan Bijl bag.

When Susan Bijl was a student at the Willem de Kooning Academy, she wanted to create a bag that made other bags unnecessary: The New Shoppingbag.

The original design was based on the silhouette of a simple plastic bag, but in colorful variations made of Ripstop nylon. Now the bag is part of our city. Buy a bag on the Susan Bijl website.


3. Habitat Rotterdam – Shaping City Life

The beautiful book Habitat Rotterdam is available in both Dutch and English and shows stories from Rotterdam makers. Read the interviews with Rotterdam designers, artists, architects, choreographers and writers and admire portraits in their home and studio.

Check out the Habitat Rotterdam book.


4. Denise Roobol bag

Denise Roobol from Rotterdam makes vegan bags and wallets, as well as other accessories with a high-quality and sustainable alternative to leather. A super durable and original gift to give to someone special.

Most of Denise Roobol’s collections can be found online, with currently only one physical seller in Rotterdam (on the Meent).


5. A voucher from your favourite restaurant

Met de huisgemaakte verse gerechten bij WES Eettentje, geïnspireerd op de smaken van Tel Aviv, zit je hier als hummus-lover helemaal goed.

Of course we all miss a visiting restaurants, but one day we’ll be able to visit our favourite eatery.  This way you also support the hospitality industry in these times!

For example, you can order a gift voucher from Wes Eettentje via their mail Many restaurants currently offer this, so plenty of choice!


6. Staying in a hotel

Als je overnacht in the bellhop hotel heb je een mooi uitzicht over de Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam. Je slaapt dus midden in het culturele hart van Rotterdam!

How about a great staycation as a gift? Escape the house together for a weekend. A nice, personal gift that everyone can use right now!

Be sure to read our staycation article for inspiration!


8. The Rotterdam pas

Wij kunnen niks bedenken wat meer past bij een winter must-do lijst dan een bezoekje aan een schaatsbaan! Chocolademelk, Glühwein, een Unox broodje en ingepakt in een dikke jas. Dat is het échte wintergevoel!

With the Rotterdam pas you can do more than 750 fun activities, free or with a discount. A nice gift to give and to receive! The gift pass costs 60 euros and you can buy it online or in the Rotterdam pas shop.

Find more information about the Rotterdam pas here!


9. All kinds of treats from Rotterdam

PUUR is de enige échte chocoladereep van Rotterdamse bodem en ontwikkeld door de DakAkker (een stadsboerderij) op het dak van het Schieblock. Met een mix van melk en pure chocolade en gekarameliseerde honing van Rotterdamse bijen, fudge, amandel stukjes en zeezout is het zeker een echte traktatie!

And then of course we all have treats from our city. Below you can find a number of Rotterdam delicacies that are fun to give as a present!


PUUR Rotterdam

PUUR is the only real chocolate bar from Rotterdam and developed by the DakAkker (a city farm) on the roof of the Schieblock.

With a mix of milk and dark chocolate and caramelized honey from Rotterdam bees, fudge, almond pieces and sea salt, it is certainly a real treat!


De Rotterdammertjes

Every local from Rotterdam knows De Rotterdammertjes, because those are the only real Rotterdam sweets. They are even called ‘de bouwstenen van Rotterdam’ or the Building Blocks of Rotterdam. But did you also know that the taste of these Rotterdam treats has been adjusted based on the opinion of the Rotterdammer?

Cinnamon, orange and fresh mint flavor. The size has also been halved, making it a smaller candy that is much nicer and easier to enjoy.


De Rotterdamse Bal

We have candies from Rotterdam, but also bonbons from Rotterdam! The city bonbon from Rotterdam are made with mint from the Rotterdam city garden.

Read our article for more treats from Rotterdam.


Hopefully you’ve found the perfect gift!

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