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16 Cool dance spots in Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
April 13, 2022

Spring is coming, it’s time to tear this town up. What better way to do that than with a dance at one of the clubs in Rotterdam?

In Rotterdam you  have to look for the best spots, because they’re spread all over the city. But trust me, a little bit of cycling to the best spots is worth it.

In this article I tell you about the best places where you are guaranteed to have a great night out. Whether you like techno, indie, electronic, jazz or hits, Rotterdam is the right place for a good club night.


1. Weelde

Weelde is actually my go-to place. There is always something to experience here. I think it’s such a cool place because you can explore it to the fullest. You can wander around from the party bus to the barn, from the pool cafe to the Zandbar.

In the evenings there are always different DJs programmed so you are guaranteed a good party. It’s the perfect place for total escalation. It’s always a good idea to spend your weekend at Weelde.


Marconistraat 39, 3029 AG Rotterdam


2. Club BIT

Club BIT is the newest addition to Rotterdam. In this mysterious club you will dance well past your bedtime. You can hear electronic tunes in all shapes and sizes here.

BIT finds it very important that you feel safe and free as a visitor. So for example, no photos may be taken so that you don’t have to worry about someone recording your dancemoves. This way you can dance without care until the sun comes up.


Keileweg 10A, 3029 BS Rotterdam



At BIRD you will find parties, bands, jam sessions and garden chillings. The music here has its roots in jazz with hints of soul, hip-hop, funk and electronica. I always have very good dance evenings here because the music is always surprising. For example, dance at Yardbird to disco beats and hip hop or to Afrobeats at 360 degrees.


Raampoortstraat 24, 3032 AH Rotterdam



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MONO will always have a special place in my heart because I used to work behind the bar there. The vibe is always good at MONO and they also have fantastic drinks. I am also a fan of the interior: cool furniture and minimalist design. Expect experimental, danceable electronic music at MONO that always surprises you. Trust me, you are sure to have a great evening here.


Vijverhofstraat 15, 3032 SB Rotterdam


5. Toffler

Toffler is a nice raw club, underground. It’s in an old pedestrian tunnel under the Weena. You’ll find house and techno DJs playing pumping records here. This way you will keep dancing here until the early hours.


Weena-Zuid 33, 3012 NH Rotterdam


6. Rotown

I’ve been coming to Rotown for years. From my first bands I saw there to evenings dancing to oldskool indie music. Therefore it’s the perfect place for everyone: you can have a drink on the terrace, but during the Rotown Nights you can dance to your heart’s content.

I always find it a very cosy place with a relaxed atmosphere. You will find all kinds of people here, so you always feel at home.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 19, 3014 GB Rotterdam


7. Keilecafe

Keilecafe is, in their own words, a permanent festival. That’s exactly how it feels, it feels as if you live on your own party island, closed off from the outside world. This is also exactly the kind of place where I start with a few drinks, but end up at the front at the djbooth.

In any case, the area where Keilecafe is located, the Keilewerf, is a cool environment where you can experience the raw edges of Rotterdam.


Vierhavensstraat 46, 3029 BG Rotterdam



Photo by Rosa Quist.

TIWYA is a place for the party people who do not want to go home long after they had dessert. After dinner, this place is transforms into a dance paradise. A place where you dance to funky disco tunes with your cocktail in hand. Before you throw your feet off the ground, you can go to TIWYA for Indonesian shared dining dishes.


Kruiskade 15, 3012 EE Rotterdam


9. The Grit

At The Grit you can enjoy a glamorous evening as a 23 year old (or older). This 23+ club is located on the Coolsingel in the basement of restaurant Grace. So you can combine an evening of Grit with dinner or cocktails at Grace.

The club has a special interior, with lots of red tones, disco pillars and a dance floor made of LED screens where sensual visuals can be seen.

What does the name The Grit stand for? “Grit is what you do, a personality trait characterized by perseverance, strength of will and passion. Feel free to express yourself.” The dress code at The Grit is therefore: the best version of yourself!


Stadhuisplein 1b, 3012 AR Rotterdam


10. NOW&WOW Club

I know NOW&WOW mainly from the great parties they always gave, and still give. This club is located in a mega cool location, 40 meters above the ground. WHAT? Yes, so you have to go there by elevator. The club has a raw, industrial character with a view over the skyline of Rotterdam. So it’ll definitely an experience.


Maashaven Zuidzijde 1, 3081 AE Rotterdam


11. Annabel

In addition to being a club, Annabel is also a pop stage. I myself there to concerts from The Game and Buraka Som Sistema. But you can also go here to dance the latest hits or go wild to Latin tunes at Fiesta Macumba. Oh yes, also pretty nice: in the summer you can sit here on the terrace next to Biergarten.


Schiestraat 20, 3013 AH Rotterdam


12. Superdisco

Superdisco is hidden in the basement of the restaurant Supermercado. I used to go to Blender there to dance to hip-hop and R&B, luckily that vibe is still there. My tip is to start with a taco and a cocktail at Supermercado and then move on to the basement to have a dance there.


Schiedamse Vest 91A, 3012 BG Rotterdam


13. WORM

At WORM you never know what kind of club night you can expect. Maybe it’s electronic, maybe it’s reggae or maybe it’s hard drum ‘n bass. So they have a diverse programming, which is often supported by performances.

WORM is really a place where everyone can feel at home because of the diverse programming. Have a drink beforehand in the Wunderbar or visit the Performance Bar for a bizarre evening.


Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam


14. Perron

Perron is the real techno bunker of Rotterdam. Inside you have no idea what time it is, but that doesn’t matter at all. Perron usually plays well-known and big DJs, so musically you’re in the right place anyway. In this bunker you stomp to beats all night long.


Schiestraat 42, 3013 AH Rotterdam


15. Club Vibes

Club Vibes is a place where you end up. You always hear the best hits here, so it’s guaranteed to be a night of dancing.


Westersingel 50a, 3014 GA Rotterdam


16. POING!

Bij de arcade hal POING in Rotterdam speel je spelletjes zoals Airhockey, Pacman en Dance Dance Revolution.

I was afraid when BAR left that nothing good would be done with this location, luckily I was wrong. POING! is one of my new favourite places.

In the evening you play games in the arcade or eat vegan sushi. At night you are dancing in the basement until the early hours.


Schiekade 201, 3013 BR Rotterdam


I immediately feel like going clubbing after writing down all these cool places. There is something for everyone in Rotterdam! Are you missing a cool club? Let me know.

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