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15 Cool clothing stores in Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
April 14, 2023

Are you looking for clothing stores in Rotterdam for that one new pair of trousers? Or just want to put on an impressive outfit for that party next Friday? Maybe you just want to treat yourself to a new wardrobe because you worked hard this month (or not, that’s also alright).

Whatever the reason, shopping is fun. It’s nice to have something new to wear. You can buy your new favourite item at these 15 cool clothing stores in Rotterdam!


1. Funkie House

In my opinion, Funkie House is without a doubt the coolest clothing store in Rotterdam. This large and beautiful store has been around since 1989 and sells streetwear from well-known brands such as Carhartt WIP, Edwin, Dickies and Patagonia. You will find clothing for men and women here, but many styles look androgynous and are unisex.

I’m a fan of Funkie House myself because they offer special items that you don’t easily find in other stores. I have also been a model for the webshop for a long time and I can tell from my own experience that the Funkie team is a fun and diverse group of people.


Korte Hoogstraat 15-A, 3011 GJ Rotterdam



WEEKDAY is a favourite among many hip fashion people. I am also a fan (but not necessarily hip). You buy Scandinavian design here, so quick basics in all colours of the season, trendy items that respond to what’s in at the moment, skinny to baggy jeans and the nicest accessories.

In addition, you are always in the right place if you are looking for underwear and socks, you often score them with a nice deal / discount.


Beursplein 12, 3011 AA Rotterdam


3. Monki

Rotterdam Centre has two Monki stores. We (the city) are very happy with that. The cheerful shop windows alone put a smile on your face.

I like coming to the Monki, because there is something for everyone. Here you can buy trousers, tops, sweaters, dresses, skirts and accessories in black and white or all the colours of the rainbow. With stripes or a special swirl or floral print. The fits are often generous because Monki loves ‘oversized’. I love it.


Beursplein 10, 3011 AA Rotterdam
Binnenwegplein 64-66, 3012 KA Rotterdam


4. Very Cherry

What once started as a rock-a-billy business has now grown into an elegant women’s fashion store. Very Cherry has been a fair trade concept in Rotterdam for more than 10 years. You mainly buy a lot of dresses and trouser suits here, always with a stylish touch.


Botersloot 64A, 3011 HJ Rotterdam


5. Slowdown Store

Foto door Gundega Melberga.

The Slowdown Store is around the corner from my house. A hidden but beautiful clothing store, run by Willemijn van Dijk. In her shop you can buy handmade bags in sober earth tones as well as bright neon colors.

There are also regular second-hand and vintage items for sale, because sustainability is your thing! Every time I walk by I peek inside and marvel at all the beauty.


Burgemeester Meineszplein 13a, 3022 XB Rotterdam


6. Skatestore Rotterdam

No no, the Skatestore is not just for skaters who want to purchase a new board. You can also buy cool clothes here. My skateboard comes from here, so I definitely come here for skate supplies, but I think it’s dangerous to walk past all the tables filled with brands like Spitfire, Thrasher and Polar. Or the gigantic wall full of shoes from Vans (my biggest pitfall).

Without a doubt, you will leave here with an overpriced pair of super comfy socks with a flaming skull on them anyway.


Westblaak 28, 3012 KM Rotterdam


7. Sevenply

Sevenply is hidden behind Skatestore Rotterdam, twice around the corner from Tiki’s (that bar with deadly cocktails).

This skate shop is a lot more exclusive and sells small editions of shoes, clothing and skateboards. Just the chat with who is in the store that day is worth a visit, because they are all pleasant people.

But be sure to stop by to buy clothes from brands such as Stüssy, Cash Only, Rassvet and POP Trading Company.


Schiedamse Vesthof 33, 3012 BJ Rotterdam


8. RSI The Attraction

RSI is known as the roller skate seller of Rotterdam (or maybe even the Netherlands). I also bought my beautiful black leather (RSI) roller skates in this store.

In addition to everything with wheels, you’re in the right place for nice clothing from various skate and snowboard brands. Think for example of Santa Cruz, Vans, Deus, Burton and Dark Seas. For the summer (or a sunny holiday) you can score the best flip flops from Reef at RSI The Attraction.


Witte de Withstraat 57, 3012 BM Rotterdam


9. Cheap Fashion

Those who love second-hand love Cheap Fashion. I often buy items here for themed occasions, this can be something simple like ‘glitter’ or ‘leather’, but you’re also in the right place if you’re looking for a full costume.

Upstairs in the store there are mainly many fashionable items such as flannels, 80’s and 90’s shirts, (hip) bags and leather jackets, but downstairs the garments and suits are more niche. From prom dresses to clown suits, chances are Cheap Fashion will sell it.

Crazy about vintage? Then check out this complete list of cool vintage shops in Rotterdam!


Meent 25, 3011 JB Rotterdam


10. Dearhunter

Dearhunter is without a doubt one of the most beautiful vintage shops in Rotterdam. It is located on a corner near the Witte de Withstraat, on the water.

The interior is sober and stylish, the clothing chic and unique. And the great thing about this clothing store is that all clothing is gender neutral. So everything is for everyone and that makes me very happy!


Eendrachtsweg 55A, 3012 LE Rotterdam


11. Het Goed Rotterdam Centrum

Piekfijn in het centrum van Rotterdam is een kringloopwinkel met allemaal hebbedingetjes. Op de begane grond heb je meubels, maar ook electra, kleding, servies en meer. In de kelder heb je schilderijen, lijsten, fietsen en meubels. Op de bovenste etage heb je een hoop grote meubels, boeken en servies.

My favourite second-hand/thrift store in Rotterdam is ‘secretly’ Het Goed in the centre. This store has a gigantic clothing department where all racks are sorted by color (OCD heaven, thank you Het Goed).

I regularly score unique t-shirts and dresses here for prices like €5 and €10. You have to search a bit, but you will always find something nice here for next to nothing.


Mariniersweg 255, 3011 NM Rotterdam


12. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is located at the end (or beginning – depending on how you look at the city) of the Koopgoot. Who is not familiar with this shop?

I’ve been a fan since I lived in Amsterdam as a teenager, but could never buy the clothes anywhere else than Amsterdam or Antwerp. Urban Outfitters has also been in Rotterdam for a while and that is a nice addition to our shop repertoire.


Beurstraverse 21, 3011 AE Rotterdam


13. WOEI

WOEI is the sneaker store in the Netherlands. Yes, that’s right, not from Rotterdam, but from the Netherlands. Many sneaker collectors knows WOEI and that has a good reason.

But you don’t just buy the fastest sneakers and the most beautiful vintage gems for your feet here, WOEI also sells clothing. A line of its own. The WOEI logo collection never goes out of style. The collection consists of caps, hoodies, shawls and socks.

In addition to this collection, WOEI also sells clothing and accessories from the BY PARRA brand, by artist Piet Parra.


Hoogstraat 44-A, 3011 PS Rotterdam


14. Vans Store Rotterdam

For those who love Vans as much as I do, the Vans Store Rotterdam in the Lijnbaan is dangerous territory. You walk out of this shop with two pairs of new shoes that you really didn’t need… or is it just me? Don’t you ever?

In addition to shoes, you can buy the latest clothing collections here. Vans often has seasonal collections and special edition collaborations with artists or pop culture brands/movies/games.


Lijnbaan 78, 3012 ER Rotterdam


15. Scotch & Soda

One of the most beautiful brands in the Netherlands is without a doubt Scotch & Soda. And that is reflected in the price tag, oops. But that shouldn’t spoil the fun.

For a long time I built shop windows for the shops on the Meent and Oude Binnenweg and I always enjoyed doing so, because the concepts and themes of the collections are exuberant and inspiring.

Scotch & Soda uses bright colours, rich materials, outspoken prints and surprising design. Here you score the eye-catcher of your outfit.


Meent 95, 3011 JG Rotterdam
Oude Binnenweg 55, 3012 JA Rotterdam


The whole of Rotterdam is packed with nice clothing stores, but this selection will definitely help you on your way during a well-deserved shopping day. We wish you lots of fun and don’t forget that the motto of such a day is ‘treat yourself’!

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