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Time to party: most thrilling club events in Rotterdam

By Masha Che
November 28, 2022

Clubbing is a big part of Rotterdam’s culture. If you live in the city centre you probably know this. Happy drunken shouts can be heard from every window starting Thursday and ending late Saturday’s night.

If you are a clubber yourself you are likely familiar with the most famous Rotterdam venues, but do you know about the unique events some of them hold? 

Hosted at Worm, Poing, Now&Wow, and others, this list includes the best events you can find in Rotterdam’s clubs!

This article includes photos by Roffa Archive. Behind Roffa Archive are photography students who are building an analog archive of the night life of Rotterdam.


Oldies but Goldies

A weekly event held at De Vrienden Live, Oldies but Goldies are famous for playing the most iconic throwback hits. Every Thursday you can expect to hear famous songs from the 90s, 00s and 10s. And surprisingly enough, the club is mostly filled with young people.

De Vrienden is open until 4 AM and the party itself starts at 11 PM. The perfect time to arrive would be around midnight. As most guests are already there, the party will really start to kick off. On top of that, the event offers a deal you can’t miss: all regular shots cost only €2,50!

Check out the event on Instagram.


Haringvliet 100, 3011 TH Rotterdam


Manic Monday

Photo by Roffa Archive.

Being arguably the most famous gay bar in Rotterdam, Ferry doesn’t need an introduction. However, unlike many clubs in the Netherlands, the bar is also open on Mondays to hold their weekly dragshow Manic Monday. Every week fabulous queens perform live on Ferry’s stage, dancing and singing.

If you have never been to a drag show this is a perfect opportunity for a first visit. The entrance is free of charge, although it’s better to always bring some cash to tip the queens (€5 or €20 – any amount will suffice).

Remember to be friendly and respectful, and you could have a fantastic start of a week!

Check out the event on Instagram.


Westblaak 127, 3012 KJ Rotterdam



If you are a university student, ENO or Erasmus Night Out is a perfect opportunity for you to go out with your friends or to meet new people. Whether you just moved to a city or lived here your whole life, everyone can enjoy this party. The theme is always different, and there is no concrete schedule for ENO, so be sure to follow them on Instagram!

This party is pretty popular so the ticket prices tend to vary depending on how soon the next event is happening. Early bird tickets can cost you around €7,- and it’s important to buy them in advance.

Although, if you do happen to miss out and the tickets are sold out, you don’t have to worry. There is usually an opportunity to buy one from a reseller.

Check out the event on Instagram.



If you’re a fan of house and techno like me, be sure to check out Zuppersitton for your next night out! This queer and POC-friendly party is usually held at Worm. Apart from being a regular club night, Zuppersitton also brings the best performers with them. At their parties, you can expect to see small dragshows and vogue performances.

Now, in my personal opinion Zuppersitton attracts one of the best crowds. If you’re a rather shy person, this party will definitely help you to loosen up. Their third event is coming up, so be sure to check their instagram for updates.

Check out the event on Instagram.



Photo by Roffa Archive.

Another safe space for BIPOC queer community is a club night MY iD. Hosted at various locations, they play some of the best afro, caribbean and vogue music. MY iD is all about expressing yourself, so don’t be afraid to wear your most risque outfit!

According to their Instagram, the next event will be happening on the second of December. So mark your calendars and follow MY iD to learn about the location and catch the start of ticket sales.

Check out the event on Instagram.



Darc is another party for electronic and techno lovers. According to them, Darc focuses on more experimental and rough music. Featuring different artists, their sound can go from hard techno to midtempo bass.

Darc mainly attracts an alternative crowd of all ages. It’s not as international as other places on this list, but people at their parties tend to be very friendly. So even going by yourself could be tons of fun!

Check out the event on Instagram.


Now & Wow Halloween Party

Photo by Roffa Archive.

Even though Halloween just passed, I had to include this iconic Now & Wow Halloween Party to the list. Celebrated in one of the most famous clubs in Rotterdam, this party attracts many guests who are not afraid to go all out with their Halloween costumes.

The club itself is located at a silo building, renovated into an event location. With 40 metre ceilings, Now & Wow consists of a main area where they play remixes of popular hits, and two smaller rooms with genre music. So if you’ve never been to Now & Wow, their Halloween party is the best occasion to see the club at its peak!


Maashaven Zuidzijde 1, 3081 AE Rotterdam


TIP on finding cool events in Rotterdam yourself

Photo by Masha Che.

If you walk or bike around the city, pay attention to the lampposts and pipes. Some of them will have stickers on, which can contain the name of the next great party! Simply type in the words from the sticker to Instagram’s search and find the related account.


Just writing this made me excited for the weekend! Do you know any other events I should check out? Let me know!

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