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10 Fun climbing parks and climbing halls in and around Rotterdam

By Kim Longwood
May 20, 2022

Have you ever climbed? Did you know that there are many different climbing halls and climbing parks in and near Rotterdam?

Some sports are boring or repetitive. Fortunately, this is not the case with climbing. Sometimes climbing feels more like a game (with bouldering you calculate the climbing route) or as a fun activity (for example, together with friends in a climbing forest).

Time to give it a try. These are the 10 best locations for climbing in and around Rotterdam!


1. Fun Forest Rotterdam

Klimmen en klauteren in het fun forest van Rotterdam!

In the Kralingse Bos, next to the lake, you will find Fun Forest. The name says it all: here you will have fun amongst the trees! All kinds of climbing routes have been built, ‘high’ above the ground, through which you climb secured on a rope. This location has options for kids, kids and adults and adults only.

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Langepad 71, 3062 CJ Rotterdam


2. Klimpark Adventure City Rotterdam

This unique climbing location has an indoor and outdoor section and is open all year round. There is, amongst other things, a rollercoaster zipline, as well as a freefall quick jump of 20 meters. There are also indoor climbing routes and you can go crazy with via ferrata.


Dorpslaan 428, 3084 LL Rotterdam


3. Abel. Klimbos

Just outside Rotterdam (in Poortugaal) you will find Abel. An outdoor climbing forest. Here, you can climb, clamber and slide in the middle of nature. This location is suitable for (small) children, adults and groups.


Albrandswaardsedijk 160, 3172 XB Poortugaal


4. De Klimmuur Rotterdam

This climbing hall has a spectacular overhanging main wall of 17 meters high. In addition, there are many different walls that are suitable for both novice and experienced climbers. There are about 130 routes.

But it doesn’t stop there. This location has a second and third floor where there is a bouldering hall and a training room. So you can combine secured climbing with bouldering, or just drop by for the other types of training.


Prinsenlaan 910, 3062 CT Rotterdam


5. Bolder Neoliet Rotterdam

In the bustling Keile-area in West you will find Bolder Neoliet, where you are welcome to stop by every day of the week, from morning to evening, for a fun climbing session. As they say themselves: bouldering is for everyone. You can follow courses, you can boulder freely or go on a group outing.


Keilestraat 7J, 3029 BP Rotterdam


6. Monk Rotterdam

Photo by Kamiel Scholten.

In an old factory in Rotterdam North you can enjoy a bouldering session, a tasty sandwich or good music (played by a live DJ). Where? Well, at Monk. This climbing hall has an edgy look and a good atmosphere. They are open every day from 09:00 to 00:00.


Ceintuurbaan 183, 3051 KC Rotterdam


7. Beest Boulders Rotterdam

Beest Boulders is located right next to the centre of Rotterdam. This bouldering location has about 220 different bouldering routes, spread over 4 floors, with beautiful views. The boulders are changed on a weekly basis to keep it fresh.

The building, the cheerful neon-coloured handles and the view alone are worth a visit. There is a bar where you can have a bite to eat or relax with your laptop. This is without a doubt one of the nicest climbing halls in Rotterdam.


Benthemplein 10, 3032 CC Rotterdam


8. Klimhal Wellnesselande

In this climbing hall in Barendrecht there are three challenging climbing walls, including ‘Mars Attack’ and ‘Bont & Blauw’. For the avid climber there is a 3D climbing wall of up to 17 meters high. This high wall has a rock-like structure that gives you the feeling of climbing on a real rock.


Bijdorp-Zuid 1, 2992 LD Barendrecht


9. Klimcentrum Monte Cervino

At Monte Cervino you climb inside and outside. This climbing centre is the highest climbing mountain in the Netherlands. The outer wall feels like a real rock, that’s also what Monte Cervino looks like.

In addition to climbing at Monte Cervino, the umbrella company (which includes Outdoor Valley) offers various activities, training, courses, skiing and tubing.


Hoeksekade 141, 2661 JL Bergschenhoek


10. Klimbos Dordrecht

In the Biesbosch in Dordrecht you climb between the trees. Klimbos Dordrecht has 7 routes where you can spot beavers, if you’re lucky. There are, amongst other things, a zip line route, difficult transitions and large nets. Climbing is possible from 6 years old and for 3 hours straight.


Baanhoekweg 53, 3313 LP Dordrecht


Do you like bouldering, clambering between trees or safely descending from a wall? Whatever your preference may be, there is something for everyone, so you can get started this week if you want. Which of these climbing parks and climbing halls in the Rotterdam area are you going to visit? Let us know!

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