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What you see is what you eat at Cinema Culinair

By Marcella van Bemmel
March 28, 2024

Some movies you shouldn’t just see, you should taste them! During Cinema Culinair, you watch movies like Chef, Ratatouille, The Menu and Chocolat, and eat the exact same dishes as in the movie. To the second, so you eat what you see. You can’t experience a movie more intensely than this.

Cinema Culinair is organised several times a year in Rotterdam. The next edition will be from 4 to 14 April in the Keilepand, where you will enjoy every Thursday to Sunday with all your senses!

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What you see is what you eat at Cinema Culinair

At the Cinema Culinair events, you enjoy a movie and dinner in beautiful venues such as the Keilepand in Rotterdam, the Werkspoor Cathedral in Utrecht and the Tolhuis in Amsterdam. With a large movie screen, good sound and delicious dishes prepared by the chef.

After the reception, the lights are dimmed and the movie starts. Thirty seconds before each eating moment in the movie, everyone gets the same dish. Then a banner appears on screen counting down: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and taste it. This happens about six to seven times in the movie. Seeing what you eat. Eat what you see.

Tasty dinner shows

During Cinema Culinair in Rotterdam, you have a choice of three different dinner shows each edition. In April, the programme includes: Chef, Ratatouille and The Menu.

Chef (2014)

Chef (Favreau, 2014) is a culinary comedy about top chef Carl Casper who lives for his work. Food plays a big role in this movie and the dishes are varied and ‘delicioso’. The food is a mix of Cuban and American cuisine and made with love (just like in the movie) and you can taste it. Los Angeles chef Roy Choi, as culinary coach, perfected the dishes in the movie, which visitors can also enjoy live during Cinema Culinair.

Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille (2007) is a Pixar animated movie for young and old and is the culinary animated movie of all time. Food naturally plays a starring role in this movie. During the show, a selection of dishes will be served, such as Mille Feuille with yellow cream, lemon, vanilla and meringue, a Salmon Timbre with horseradish, avocado, spring onion and caramelised vegetables and, of course, as the highlight… Ratatouille!

The Menu (2022)

The third movie is The Menu (2022), a black comedy that alternates horror, humour and suspense with fantastic food. While watching this movie, a special and enigmatic 7-course menu will be served, including oysters with fruit caviar, a tortilla with chicken al pastor, pineapple and coriander and a marrowfat served with fried salsify, beef ranch and confit potato.

Brunch show for the sweet tooth

Are you more into sweets? Then you should check out the film Chocolat, where you can enjoy a brunch full of homemade chocolates. Chocolat (2000) is a British-American film from 2000, which tells the story of the young mother Vianne Rocher who arrives with her daughter Anouk in the French village of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes. There she opens the small chocolaterie La Céleste Praline.

The movie is packed with chocolate. And so that’s what you get, homemade chocolates identical to those in the movie. SWEET. Besides all this sweetness, you also get a nice etagere with different sandwiches and rolls to alternate with the sweetness.

The next edition of Chocolat is on Saturday April 6.

Which movie including a delicious menu will you discover during Cinema Culinair?


Practical information about Cinema Culinair

Location: Keilepand (Keilecollectief) – Keilestraat 7-9, 3029 BP Rotterdam
Date:Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 April & Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 April
: brunch 12.00 – 16.00, dinner 18.00 – 23.00


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