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10x The best cheese shops in Rotterdam

By Mathilde Simon
March 19, 2021

There are plenty of cheese shops in Rotterdam. Which is probably no surprise to you, as we Dutchies love cheese! On our bread, over our pasta, melted as a fondue, as a snack – in all shapes, sizes, colors and scents.

An evening drink is therefore not possible without a cheese platter, with, for example, a piece of brie, Manchego, creamy goat cheese or Camembert. Simply delicious. But of course we want those cheeses to be of the best quality. That’s why we go to the cheese shop. They not only have a wide range of options, the people working there can also help you select whichever cheese you like most.

Read below which cheese shops in Rotterdam you should visit for a good slice of cheese. Enjoy!


1. De Kaashoeve

This cheese shop in the center of Rotterdam can’t be missed, as there is a life-size statue of a cow in front of the door! Furthermore, the store looks like you would expect a cheese store to look like. It is therefore the perfect place for good artisan cheese, selected for taste, quality and originality. And luckily they don’t mind it at all if you taste it first.

This nice cheese shop on the Oude Binnenweg in Rotterdam can give you good advice on which cheeses go with which wines, fruits or bread and they regularly offer new cheeses. Ideal for cheese lovers who like to try new things!


Oude Binnenweg 129 b, 3012 JA Rotterdam


2. Alexanderhoeve Kaas & Noten

Over the past 100 years, this cheese business has grown into a large chain, with locations across the country. In Rotterdam you can find three Alexanderhoeve cheese shops: on the Lusthofstraat, the Binnenhof and Keizerswaard.

Over the years, Alexanderhoeve has won several awards. It is therefore a place where quality comes first, for both Dutch and foreign cheeses. You can also buy tasty nuts and wines here that go well with the cheeses.


Lusthofstraat 78, 3061WH Rotterdam
Binnenhof 54 56, 3068JW Rotterdam
Keizerswaard 10, 3078AM Rotterdam


3. Booij Kaasmakers

Booij Kaasmakers in the Fenix Food Factory is not only a good place to get your hands on some tasty cheeses, you can also book a cheese tasting here. How cool is that? You can choose from one of their three cheese tastings or go for the cheese combination tastings, such as a beer & cheese tasting, wine & cheese tasting or a cider & cheese tasting.

Would you rather just buy cheese? That is of course also possible. You can get their homemade cheeses in the store or order them online.


Fenix Food Factory: Nico Koomanskade 1025, 3072 LM Rotterdam


4. Kaasdok Cromwijk

With their location in the Markthal, it is the perfect place to get a nice piece of cheese in the center of Rotterdam. They sell delicious farmhouse cheese, goat cheese, herb cheese and of course the “Rotterdamsche Oude Kaas”.

And while you are in the Markthal, you can immediately get other delicious snacks that go well with it!


Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ, Rotterdam


5. Cheese & More

For this next cheese shop we’re staying in the Markthal. Because there is another place where you can buy the most traditional cheeses, namely at Cheese & More.

The cheeses are beautifully displayed and the choice is big. Fortunately, they can help you choose the right cheese!


Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ Rotterdam


6. Kaas bij Seijens

For all people in the north of Rotterdam, Kaas bij Seijens is a good place to get your favorite cheeses. They have a varied selection of cheeses, nuts, drinks and always have some nice deals. Just drop by and ask for advice!


Voorburgstraat 209, 3037 ER Rotterdam


7. Het Kaasboertje

For Het Kaasboertje we travel to Hillegersberg. Buy tasty Beemster cheeses, Dutch farmer’s cheeses, goat’s cheeses and matching breads, nuts, salads and tapas dishes here. With a visit to Het Kaasboertje you will come a long way!


Bergse Dorpsstraat 130, 3054 GH Rotterdam


8. Kaaspaleis Blijdorp

The name says it all, because translate ‘Kaaspaleis’ means Cheese Palace. Found in Blijdorp, they sell fresh, unique cheeses, both Dutch and foreign. You can also go here for a sandwich, homemade salads or meat products.


Statenweg 100, 3039 JK Rotterdam


9. Gatenkaas & Zo

Gatenkaas & Zo is a nice cozy cheese shop on the corner of the Schieweg and Bergselaan. A real delicatessen where you will find all kinds of cheeses. Perfect if you live in the area and want to treat yourself or your guests with a cheese platter.


Schieweg 137-A, 3038 AN Rotterdam


10. Kaashuys ’t Lage Land

A little further from the center you will find Kaashuys’ t Lage Land. Great for people who do not live in the city center but are looking for special cheeses that you simply cannot find in the supermarket.

Also a good place if you are looking for nice gift packs!


Marinus Bolkplein 31, 3067 AK Rotterdam


That were 10 delicious cheese shops in Rotterdam. Where do you shop your favourite cheese?

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