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Bovenop Zuid: art park on top of the roof of Zuidplein

By Lisanne van Beurden
June 09, 2023

From 1 to 30 June you can visit Bovenop Zuid, the art park on top of the Zuidplein Shopping Centre. The bright yellow roof path of 1 kilometer leads past no less than 60 works of art made by 42 artists who all live or work in Zuid.

Bovenop Zuid is part of Zomer op Zuid and the Rotterdam Architecture Month.


Visit Bovenop Zuid

During Bovenop Zuid you walk past works of art on the roof of Shopping Centre Zuidplein. Until June 30, this Rotterdam roof has been transformed into a beautiful art park at a height.

Want to go check it out? A ticket for Bovenop Zuid costs €3.50. A ticket for an adult and a child under the age of 15 costs €5.50. Tickets are available online or at the entrance of Bovenop Zuid.


Zomer op Zuid

Bovenop Zuid is part of Zomer op Zuid. This summer Rotterdam Zuid will shine like never before. From June to September, visitors are transported into the cultural wealth of Zuid in its full size and versatility. With no less than 60 large and small events, there is plenty to do for young and old.


Will you go up on the roof during Bovenop Zuid?

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