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Bookworms: Discover these fun bookstores in Rotterdam!

By Julia Den Outer
May 18, 2023

Looking for a good bookshop in Rotterdam? There is nothing more relaxing than reading a book. Whether you do it at home on the couch, in a cafe with a coffee or under a tree in the park: it is always delicious.

To do that, of course, you first have to find a good book that you can devour. I can spend hours in a bookshop and search for the most beautiful books. Fortunately, Rotterdam has a lot of fantastic bookshops where you can find beautiful books. I tip my favourites below!


1. Bosch&deJong

Photo by Ella Haller Zwierzchowska.

At Bosch&deJong you know for sure that you will go home with a good book. The owners Eelkje and Folco have selected the most beautiful books. Here you’ll find literature, children’s books, cookbooks, travel books, poetry, Young Adult books and books about Rotterdam. You have lots of choice!

Fortunately, you can always ask the employees for help if you don’t know exactly what you want. Don’t have time to come to the shop? They also help you by phone, mail, Signal, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Oh yes, you can find this bookshop in the Fenix ​​Food Factory. So buy a nice book and start reading while enjoying a natural wine.


Nico Koomanskade 1025, 3072 LM Rotterdam (in the Fenix Food Factory)


2. Boekhandel Donner

I can spend hours in the Donner. Of course you have hundreds of books here in different genres, languages ​​and sizes. You can therefore be sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for here and much more.

I also love to wander through the notebooks and other stuff. I always get my planners from the Donner. Need a cool present? Then you’ve come to the right place here.


Coolsingel 129, 3012 AG Rotterdam



I often walk past this nice local Rotterdam bookshop and am always attracted by the prints and flyers with cool events. You’ll need to plan your visit well though, as at the time of writing they are only open on Fridays from 2pm to 8pm.

KIOSK is a cosy store with nice books, zines and prints. In the store you will find both fiction and non-fiction books, and many interesting critical books that you can learn a lot from.

In addition, they organize a lot of cool events (often during the weekend!), including exhibitions, film screenings, workshops, reading sessions and talks. Definitely worth it, there are many gems to be found!


Voorburgstraat 207, 3032 ER Rotterdam


4. Boek met een Doel

When I still lived on ‘s Gravendijkwal, I went to this shop every week. Here you will find secondhand books for a very reasonable price. The good thing is that they are not necessarily old books, but simply books that people have finished reading and want to give them a new home.

Here you’ll find children’s books, literature, novels, English books, cookbooks, art books and poetry. When you checkout you can choose a local goal where the proceeds of the books will go. So you help yourself and someone else with buying a book.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 194, 3021 GK Rotterdam


5. Boekhandel v/h Van Gennep

I always stop in front of the shop window when I walk past V/H Van Gennep. There are always a lot of interesting and beautiful books here. This independent bookstore has been around for 45 years. Visit Van Gennep for literature, poetry, children’s and cookbooks, design and much more!


Oude Binnenweg 131B, 3012 JD Rotterdam


6. NAi Boekverkopers

Photo by Petra van der Ree.

I love books about architecture and design. You’ve come to the right place for that At NAi Boekverkopers. Here you will find beautiful books on architecture, urban planning, design and landscape architecture.

Besides being interesting, they are also very beautiful to look at. In addition, it is of course always nice to walk into Het Nieuwe Instituut.

TIP: there is also a cozy cafe where you can read your book while enjoying a coffee.


Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam


7. Boekhandel Snoek

Boekhandel Snoek  is a typical Rotterdam bookshop for me. It’s been there as long as I can remember. You will find books in different genres here. In addition, you have also come to the right place for gifts, magazines and nice cards.


Meent 126, 3011 JS Rotterdam


8. Kinderboekwinkel De Geheime Tuin

I always succeed at Kinderboekwinkel De Geheime Tuin when I want to buy a nice book for my nieces. They have the cutest children’s books. I get very greedy when I step in here, there is so much choice! They also have very sweet cards and small toys. In addition, the owner Peggy is always ready to help you. She recommended me a perfect book for my 5-year-old niece. One that is fun, but also educational.


Stadhoudersweg 87d, 3039 EB Rotterdam


9. De Slegte

I personally think De Slegte is one of the best places to get beautiful art books. New ones are always very expensive, but used ones are affordable. De Slegte has a huge collection of second-hand books. Not just art books but all the books you can think of. That’s why I love to stroll through the shelves, you never know what gems you’ll come across.


Hoogstraat 141, 3011 PM Rotterdam



Last but not least: Oosterboekhandel J. Amesz. Kim already mentioned this nice place in her guide about Kralingen.

According to her: “The ladies of Amesz welcome you with love in their (specialist) bookstore in the heart of Kralingen. It is the oldest (and, in its own words, the nicest) bookshop in Rotterdam and it is an independent family business. The range of books is tailored to the tastes of the local people, but the genres spread widely.”


Voorschoterlaan 145, 3062 KM Rotterdam


Hopefully you’ll feel like reading right away after this article! Do you know any nice bookshops in Rotterdam? Please let me know.

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