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Misschien ben je al bekend met Rolph's Deli op de Kop van Zuid, waar je heerlijke pancakes en andere ontbijt- en lunchgerechten kan eten. Maar wist je dat eigenaar Rolph ook nog een ander restaurant had? Gevestigd in De Rotterdam vind je HMB, waar zijn hun

7 Best restaurants on the Kop van Zuid

By Lisanne van Beurden
August 03, 2020

Are you looking for the best restaurants on the Kop van Zuid? In this article I share a few amazing places to have a bite to eat in this unique area in Rotterdam.

Sushi, burgers and dining at a high culinary level, at Kop van Zuid you can find a wide range of restaurants. Enjoy your meal!


1. HMB Restaurant

Misschien ben je al bekend met Rolph's Deli op de Kop van Zuid, waar je heerlijke pancakes en andere ontbijt- en lunchgerechten kan eten. Maar wist je dat eigenaar Rolph ook nog een ander restaurant had? Gevestigd in De Rotterdam vind je HMB, waar zijn hun "signature" gerechten serveren met een prachtig uitzicht op de Maas en de Erasmusbrug.

Located in De Rotterdam you will find HMB, where they serve their signature dishes with a beautiful view overlooking the Maas and the Erasmus Bridge.

And are you already familiar with Rolph’s Deli by the same owners? This is a lovely all day breakfast place on the Kop van Zuid, where you can eat pancakes and other lunch and breakfast dishes.


Holland Amerikakade 104, 3072 MC Rotterdam


2. Aqua Asia Club

Eigenlijk kennen wij maar weinig mensen die niet van sushi houden. Deze Japanse specialiteit is de laatste jaren enorm in populariteit gegroeid en ondertussen zit onze stad - gelukkig - vol met sushi restaurants. Hieronder delen we een lijst met onze top picks sushi restaurants in Rotterdam. Om er zeker van te zijn dat je de lekkerste sushi in Rotterdam hebt geproefd, is onze tip dan ook om overal een keer langs te gaan ;). Enjoy!

Dinner with a view! Aqua Asia Club is, just like HMB restaurant, located in De Rotterdam building and therefore has a fantastic view over the Maas river.

How about a Red Dragon Roll, made with crispy shrimp and butter-tender Wagyu Rib-Eye, while you look at an illuminated Erasmus bridge? As a vegetarian you can eat your heart out here as well, as Aqua Asia Club has a wide selection of vegetarian dishes on the menu.

All in all, a super trendy place with delicious sushi.


Holland Amerikakade 106, 3072 MC Rotterdam


3. By Ami Urban Bistro

Het kleurrijke interieur van By Ami Rotterdam op Kop van Zuid!

By Ami has a beautiful concept and a beautifully decorated restaurant.

The menu is a real mix of multiple kitchens, in which you are always served organic and sustainable products. In addition to a wide choice of dinner dishes, bites, desserts and vegetarian/vegan options, you can also enjoy a high gin, high wine or high beer here.

Antoine Platekade 983, 3072 ME Rotterdam


4. Mood Rotterdam

On the Kop van Zuid you can also find restaurant Mood. Enjoying a delicious mix of sushi, sashimi and tempura, you can have a look into the kitchen where the chefs prepare all the dishes fresh.

Mood’s trendy interior makes the experience complete. Be sure to end the night with one of their delicious cocktails or gin and tonics!


Otto Reuchlinweg 999, 3072 MD Rotterdam


5. Diego’s

Diego’s is one of the first restaurants you encounter when you leave the Erasmus bridge. In this burger restaurant you can get all kinds of unique burger creations; from the Bugles Burger with hot cheese sauce to the vegan Beyond Burger.

Order your favorite burger with delicious fries on the side and perhaps even a glass of champagne? Nothing is too much at Diego’s!

Posthumalaan 3, 3072 AG Rotterdam


6. Tres

Een etentje bij Tres is meer een ervaring te noemen dan een casual etentje en kan wel tot vier uur duren. Je zit hier niet uren op dezelfde plek


At restaurant Tres you can taste modern Dutch cuisine in an intimate setting and enjoy a playful 18-course menu. The restaurant cooperates with local small-scale farmers, fishermen and artisans, so the menu only offers dishes from the Netherlands. You can combine the dishes with an alcoholic or non-alcoholic arrangement.

A dinner at Tres is more an experience than a casual dinner and can take up to four hours. You do not spend hours in the same spot during a visit at Tres.

You’re first welcomed as a guest in the luxurious lounge with small appetizers and an aperitif. After this you can take a seat at the bar in the basement, where you can already see the chefs cooking. The evening will be closed in a second lounge where you can enjoy their special coffee or tea with mignardises.


Vijf Werelddelen 75, 3071 PS Rotterdam


7. Allure

Restaurant Allure, gelegen in het nog relatief onbekende Entrepothaven op de Kop van Zuid, is een modern restaurant in Franse stijl. 

Restaurant Allure, located in the still relatively unknown Entrepothaven on the Kop van Zuid, is a modern French-style restaurant.

Here you can enjoy the most delicious dishes with a view over the marina. For example, choose the ‘Chef’s Table’, where you can watch them prepare dinner. Choose from a five- or ten-course dinner.


Cargadoorskade 107, 3071 AW Rotterdam


That are my 7 favourite restaurants on the Kop van Zuid! Are you visiting Rotterdam soon and are you looking for a great accommodation? Then check out these hotels on the Kop van Zuid.

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