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Restaurant Fred werd bekroond met één Michelinster in 2010 en ontving een tweede ster in 2014. De chef baseert zijn kookstijl op de klassieke Franse keuken terwijl hij zijn eigen draai toevoegt. Een van Rotterdams beste restaurants!

12 Best restaurants in Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
November 01, 2019

Rotterdam is a real foodie paradise and there really is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for decent, affordable restaurants that you can visit spontaneously or a special restaurant that you visit when you have something special to celebrate. In this post we share some of the highest-rated restaurants in Rotterdam and surrounding areas. Expect amazing food, topnotch service and impressive interiors. So if you’re looking for a restaurant that goes the extra mile, keep on reading…

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1. Parkheuvel

The two Michelin star restaurant Parkheuvel is a true icon in Rotterdam. The beautiful round building is located in the Park and offers a beautiful view. Chef Erik van Loo and his brigade only use ingredients of the current season and they make sure that each and every dish that comes out of his kitchen is of the highest quality possible.

A visit to Parkheuvel is a unique experience, not just a mere visit to a restaurant for a bite to eat.


Heuvellaan 21, 3016 GL Rotterdam


2. FG Food Labs

Photo by Ruby Schmelzer.

FG Food Labs, by well-known chef Francois Geurds, has one Michelin star. According to FG Food Labs’ website, it’s an attraction within an attraction: an impressive train tunnel in the Hofbogen of Rotterdam. FG Food Labs is a gastronomic journey that you will never forget.

The FG Group loves to experiment and even owns a personal ‘taste laboratory’. Here they try new things, create dishes with unique combinations until it reaches perfection. Only then they actually serve it on your plate.


Katshoek 41, 3032 AE Rotterdam


3. Restaurant Fred

Photo by Pieter D’Hoop.

Chef Fred Mustert of the two Michelin star restaurant Fred bases his cooking style on the classic French cuisine, but with his own twist. He doesn’t follow trends, but opts for the most fresh ingredients every season.

In January 2018 the interior of restaurant Fred was redesigned by SMEELE. Jeroen Smeele, the owner of SMEELE, has won a Special Mention Award for this interior design. According to Fred Mustert the interior of Fred has something mysterious and something magical, and it turned out just as he wanted.


Honingerdijk 263-265, 3063 AM Rotterdam


4. HMB

Misschien ben je al bekend met Rolph's Deli op de Kop van Zuid, waar je heerlijke pancakes en andere ontbijt- en lunchgerechten kan eten. Maar wist je dat eigenaar Rolph ook nog een ander restaurant had? Gevestigd in De Rotterdam vind je HMB, waar zijn hun "signature" gerechten serveren met een prachtig uitzicht op de Maas en de Erasmusbrug.

Located in De Rotterdam building you will find HMB, run by chef Rolph Hensens and hostess slash sommelier Chantal de Raaf. Here you can enjoy a culinary experience with a beautiful view of the Maas and the Erasmus Bridge.

You may be familiar with their other restaurant, Rolph’s Deli, where you can eat delicious pancakes and other breakfast dishes. Be sure to check out our article with the best breakfast spots in Rotterdam.


Holland Amerikakade 104, 3072 MC Rotterdam


5. Perceel in Capelle aan den IJssel

Restaurant Perceel may not be located in Rotterdam, but it’s definitely worth a little detour to Capelle aan den IJssel, which is just outside of our city. This Michelin star restaurant by Sharon Tettero and Jos Grootscholten is located at ‘het Oude Raadhuis’ (the old town hall). Recently their restaurant has been upgraded with a new warm and contemporary interior (also designed by SMEELE). The eye catcher of the area is definitely the flower plot with dried crops and flowers in the heart of the restaurant.

The name of the restaurant Perceel means parcel of land, which is a reference to the ground where chef Jos grows his own herbs and edible flowers. This is why most of the meals of Perceel includes homegrown herbs and edible flowers.


Dorpsstraat 3, 2902 BC Capelle aan den IJssel


6. Joelia

Photo by Olivia de Beukaelaar.

This fantastic restaurant with top chef Mario de Ridder received a Michelin star in 2016. According to the website Joelia is “young, provocative, sexy, cheeky. Somewhere you want to be.” Just a few of Mario’s favourites are Dutch hare with beetroot and celeriac, and Wagyu (Japan), shallot and fries. Go on a culinary trip at Joelia’s and be pleasantly surprised.


Coolsingel 5, 3012 AA Rotterdam


7. Zeezout

If you love seafood, you should most definitely go to Zeezout. It’s considered to be the best seafood restaurant in Rotterdam by many and serves the best fish, crustaceans and shellfish in the city. In September 2018 Zeezout celebrated their 20 year anniversary.

Zeezout uses a lot of local ingredients. Some examples of Rotterdam products that are used are beer from Kaapse Brouwers, Rotterdam Tomasu soy sauce, yoghurt from Luwia, 010 Vodka and Rotterdam mustard.

Zeezout is the perfect location to celebrate something special with a 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-course menu (with or without wine arrangement)


Westerkade 11, 3016 CL Rotterdam


8. UMAMI by Han

UMAMI, ook wel de naam van de vijfde basissmaak naast zoet, zuur, zout en bitter, betekent in het Japans 'heerlijke smaak'. De gerechten zijn daarom altijd een verrassing en goed op elkaar afgestemd. Volgens hun social dining principe, kan je hier het eten lekker delen en gaat het echt om de beleving, volledig volgens de Chinese cultuur.

UMAMI – also known as the fifth basic flavour in addition to sweet, sour, salty and bitter – means ‘delicious taste’ in Japanese. This is because most of the ingredients that contain a high amount of umami are often perceived as ‘delicious’. The dishes are therefore always a surprise and well matched. According to their social dining principle, you share the food and it is really about the experience, entirely according to Chinese culture.

UMAMI is a Bib Gourmand restaurant and serves a top-quality three-course menu for less than 35 euros. Combine this delicious three-course menu with a tea arrangement or a wine arrangement.


Binnenrotte 140, 3011 HC Rotterdam


9. Kwiezien

Photo by Olivia de Beukelaer.

At Kwiezien (a little phonetic joke, as it sounds like ‘Cuisine’) you can go for the three, four, or five course dinner, depending on how hungry you are. Actually, you can even decide to order more courses if you like. Their menu changes quite regularly, so it’s recommended to visit them more often. They also have some vegetarian options, which they write on the chalkboard or you can ask the waiter what they can offer you.

Another important part of Kwiezien are their delicious wines, with options from all over the world. You can opt for a wine arrangement, such as the ‘Sjef’s Keuze’, which means that you get wines from the personal collection of the chef!

This modern – and quite creative with phonetic words- restaurant is a great option if you’re celebrating something special and looking for a unique restaurant that is still very affordable. For only 35 euros you can get an excellent three course menu. Kwiezien is even a Bib Gourmand restaurant. Bib Gourmand is a separate guide by Michelin for in the Benelux with restaurants that serve a three course menu of very high quality for 35 euros or less.


Delistraat 20, 3072 ZK Rotterdam


10. Allure

Allure is a modern French-style restaurant located in the not so well-known area of Entrepothaven, which is located close to Kop van Zuid and Noordereiland. Chef de Cuisine Terry and Maître d’ Brian were employed by the restaurant but decided to take over the restaurant when they had the chance. Since then they revamped the menu, decor and service to create the fine-dining experience on which Restaurant Allure prides itself today.

Our blogger Olivia was invited to try their four-course menu with wine-pairing, so be sure to read about her experience.


Cargadoorskade 107, 3071 AW Rotterdam


11. Mood Rotterdam

Last year Eveline Wu bought restaurant Las Palmas from Herman den Blijker and started Restaurant Mood Rotterdam. This restaurant is an excellent choice for seafood lovers, as they fill the tables with delicious oysters, fruit de mer, sushi and sashimi. But if you rather eat meat, wild and poultry, you are also at the right place.

Restaurant Mood only uses pure and fresh seasonal products. This means that the menu of Mood vary per season.


Otto Reuchlinweg 999, 3072 MD Rotterdam


12. Asian Glories

Asian Glories is a well-known restaurant in Rotterdam and is considered to be one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands. Here they serve authentic Chinese and Cantonese cuisine with Chinese specialities, such as delicious Dim Sum or their famous Peking duck.

Asian Glories is a Bib Gourmand restaurant and they serve an excellent three course menu for only 35 euros. As the restaurant is quite small, I would recommend to make a reservation beforehand for diner.


Leeuwenstraat 15, 3011 AL Rotterdam


How many restaurants in this list have you already tried? And is there a restaurant missing from this list of best restaurants in Rotterdam? Let us know via e-mail or in the comments below and we might include it!

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