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15x The best chai lattes in Rotterdam

By Marion Rault
February 15, 2021

What is better than a chai latte during the cold seasons? Personally, this is my favourite drink during these times of the year. This is why I decided to share with you what are, according to me, the best chai lattes in Rotterdam.

I’ve tried many coffee places in Rotterdam to find the best chai lattes of Rotterdam. Below my favourite spots to enjoy the best chai lattes in Rotterdam.

TIP: All the following places offer chai lattes to go!



Let’s start with one of my favourite coffee places of Rotterdam: the Tea Lab. This place is so charming and cosy. Above all, they offer one of the best chai latte in town, in my opinion.

They are perfectly creamy and tasty. Another bonus is that you can have a vegan version of their chai latte, with oat or soja milk.

Also, if you’re hungry, I recommend you to try their delicious cakes!


Nieuwe Binnenweg 178A, 3015 BJ Rotterdam



Anne & Max is a nice coffee place located in the city center of Rotterdam, and their chai lattes are simply delicious. It is a perfect mix; of both spicy and sweet at the same time. Very comforting during these cold seasons.

I love that most of their products are organic! When I go there to brunch, I like to order their Breakfast Board, together with a chai latte of course!


Korte Hoogstraat 20, 3011 GL Rotterdam


3. Bonza

Bonza is located in the creative hub of Broeinest, a large space where you can normally work while enjoying a sandwich and a delicious coffee.

But now you can simply get the hot drinks from Bonza to go, including their delicious chai latte.


Zomerhofstraat 71, 3032 CK Rotterdam



Lilith is a great place for having a 100% vegetarian brunch. It is also the coffee place with a great rock’n roll vibe.

Their chai latte definitely earns its place in the top of the best chai lattes of Rotterdam. I never miss the opportunity to savour one when I visit Lilith for a brunch.

Dear chai latte lovers: I can only advise you to give it a try.


Nieuwe Binnenweg 125 H, 3014 GJ Rotterdam



Photo by @marionro.cks.

Maak is a lovely concept store and coffee bar in the West area of Rotterdam and I definitely recommend you to taste their chai latte. It is nicely flavoured and creamy, which undoubtedly earns them a place in this list of the best chai lattes of Rotterdam.

TIP: in addition to their excellent food, you will also find nice decorative items for your home.


Mathenesserweg 81 A, 3027 HJ Rotterdam



Named after the director Wes Anderson, the Wes Eettentje restaurant & café has an original concept. Each area is dedicated to a different movie from Wes Anderson. Just because of that, it’s one of my favourite places in Rotterdam.

Like everything else on their menu, the chai latte is tasty and delightful.


Benthuizerstraat 94a, 3035 CR Rotterdam



Photo by @marionro.cks.

The Harvest is located in a lovely street behind the Central Station of Rotterdam, where you will find a chai latte with a delicate flavour. The Harvest is offering a vegan option for all their drink, so you can choose between oat, almond or soy milk.

What I like about this coffee place is that they offer seasonal products and strive to work in a sustainable way.


Proveniersstraat 36a, 3033 CK Rotterdam



Photo by @marionro.cks.

In the city centre of Rotterdam, you can find a lovely coffee place named Amada. At Amada, you will be welcomed with a very trendy interior and a delicious chai latte with a delicate taste.

Amada is also offering a vegan version with milk alternatives for their latte drinks.

I definitely recommend you to try the cakes there, especially the Cheesecake!


Hoogstraat 36, 3011 PR Rotterdam



Located in a shopping street of Rotterdam, Yoghurt Barn is a nice place for a coffee break… Or rather a chai latte break! Indeed, at Yoghurt Barn you will be welcomed in a very cosy atmosphere.

This coffee place offers many different delicious drinks, and the chai latte is no exception.

Another good reason to go there is that Yoghurt Barn offers organic products, plant-based food and plant based dairy alternatives.


Oude Binnenweg 117-119, 3012 JC Rotterdam



Urban Bakery is a bakery located in the North of Rotterdam. At Urban Bakery, you can enjoy a chai latte for take away. For me, it is the definition of an authentic chai latte: not too sweet, so you can enjoy the flavour of the several spices.


Voorburgstraat 217-219, 3037 ER Rotterdam


11. KADE 4

If you are looking for a cosy place with a nice view to enjoy you chai latte, Kade 4 is the right place. With a great view on the Oude Haven, Kade 4 offers you a sweet and creamy chai latte.

Being at the water’s edge, under a plaid, enjoying a delicious hot drink, what could possibly be cozier than that?


Spaansekade 4, 3011 ML Rotterdam



In the Groene Passage, the shopping centre dedicated to eco-friendly and organic products in Rotterdam, you will find the Spirit restaurant. Here, you can enjoy the vegetarian buffet offering a wide variety of dishes.

At Spirit, you will find a delicious spicy chai latte. Everything is 100% organic and so is the chai latte. One more reason to give it a try.

Check out these vegetarian restaurants in Rotterdam!


Mariniersweg 9, 3011 NB Rotterdam



Photo by @marionro.cks.

Social is a nice little coffee place where you can also enjoy all day breakfasts. It is located in a lovely street in the centre of Rotterdam, full of cute boutique and restaurants.

If you are in the area and longing for a good chai latte, I definitely recommend you to taste theirs.


Herenplaats 1, 3011 LP Rotterdam


14. Backyard

Last but not least: the chai latte served by Backyard! Deliciously creamy and a good authentic taste.

Backyard’s coffees and hot drinks are served with plant based by default, such as soy milk, almond milk or oat milk. But if you really prefer cow’s milk, just ask!


Korte Hoogstraat 14, 3011 GL Rotterdam


This was my list of the best chai lattes of Rotterdam. Is your favourite one not in the list? Please feel free to let me know in the comments! I would be more than happy to try it!  


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  • Love how unique each of these locations looks. I’ll definitely be stopping by a couple when I visit Rotterdam!

  • I love chai lattes! I am happy that you shared all the best places to get chai lattes in Rotterdam! I cannot wait to go back to try them myself!

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