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10 Great beauty salons in Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
October 26, 2022

It’s getting colder and your resistance sometimes weakens. You often notice this on your skin. A visit to a beauty salon in Rotterdam is therefore highly recommended. After all, you have to take good care of yourself and take some time for self-care.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of 10 great beauty salons. They range from beauticians where you can do facials, to beauty bars that also give massages. Enough choice to be pampered.


1. Huid Rotterdam

Not every skin is easy, luckily you get a professional treatment at Huid that suits your skin type. They offer facial treatments for Rosacea, scars and acne. You therefore receive the appropriate care for your type of skin.

But do you (like me) not know exactly what type of skin you have? You can then ask for advice for free. This way you can buy the right products for your skin yourself, which is quite handy.


Westerstraat 29, 3016 DG Rotterdam


2. Beauty Bar Blijdorp

At Beauty Bar Blijdorp you can choose from everything you can think of in the field of, as the name already says, beauty. Let yourself be pampered from head to toe. Do you want a facial treatment or have your eyebrows shaped? Or choose a massage and grab a sun bed afterwards.

In Rotterdam there are actually a lot of places for massages. Enough reasons to schedule an appointment in the near future.


Bergselaan 275, 3038 CD Rotterdam


3. Beautyhouse Rotterdam

I myself have often visited Beautyhouse Rotterdam to have my eyebrows done. They also have a brow bar. Here they can paint your eyebrows with, among other things, Henna and epilate with rope. You can also have your lashes lifted here.

In addition, you can also pamper yourself with extensive beauty treatments for your face and body. And they offer the less pleasant things like waxing.


Korte Hoogstraat 18, 3011 GL Rotterdam


4. Derma Kliniek

Derma Kliniek is a cosmetic and medical clinic for all your skin problems. You can think of treatments against acne, bags under the eyes, cellulite and scars. Of course you also have all the latest technologies in the field of skin improvement here.

The professionals can inform you about what helps your skin and you will step out as a new person.


Heemraadssingel 180, 3021 DL Rotterdam


5. Oossu schoonheidssalon 

At Oossu they only work with natural products, these are fragrance- and dye-free. Ideal if you have skin that reacts violently to perfume, for example. Choose a short or long facial treatment, such as an anti-age or a relaxing facial.

Oossu also offers relaxing massages and eyebrow waxing.


Mauritsweg 51b, 3012 JW Rotterdam


6. C-beauty

Cathelijn from C-beauty has had this beauty salon since 2008, so that’s quite some time. The salon only works with products without chemical additives and with organic ingredients. I find it very useful that you can click on a skin problem on the website, which will show some suggested treatments.

C-beauty also offers services such as hair removal, massages and manicures and pedicures.


Walenburgerplein 174, 3039 AP Rotterdam


7. Skin by Dermalogica

At Skin by Dermalogica you have come to the right place for an extensive skin analysis, after which a suitable approach for your skin is given. Of course they know what’s new and therefore always use the latest technologies.

You can choose from a lot of treatments, such as a skin treatment against acne, a treatment against pigment spots, microneedling and much more. You can also go here for your eyebrows.

Also nice: on their website you can also order Dermalogica products for your home.


Pannekoekstraat 60a, 3011 LJ Rotterdam


8. Elle et moi

Elle et moi stands out because of the luxurious interior, it really feels like a getaway to be here. At Elle et moi you have come to the right place for all beauty treatments; from haircut to pedicure and everything in between.

Or step out the door as a new person with a facial treatment and a blow dry, whatever you want. Book a duo treatment to enjoy together with your grandmother, girlfriend or boyfriend.


Chris Bennekerslaan 25B, 3061 EB Rotterdam


9. Weleda City Spa 

The Welleda brand already rings a bell with me, because I often use products from this brand myself. Welleda is 100% natural, which I think is such a nice idea for my skin. So you can enjoy yourself all naturally at Weleda City Spa. It’s also a bonus that they use sustainable materials such as bamboo and clay.

The name already gives it away, of course, but in addition to facial treatments, you can go to Welleda City Spa for a variety of massages. For example a sports, pregnancy or hot stone massage. One thing is certain, you will walk out the door completely relaxed.


Weissenbruchlaan 46, 3054 LP Rotterdam


10. Glow institute 

For the latest skin rejuvenation and skin improvement techniques you have come to the right place at Glow Institute. They offer a lot of facial treatments for all kinds of skin problems. If you don’t know yet which treatment you want, you can first have a skin analysis done. Then you are sure that you are receiving the right treatment for your skin.

Also nice for the little bit older people amongst us, at Glow Institute you can also have small cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers. You’ll definitely walk out the door radiant.

Check out all the other new places in Rotterdam in our article.


Lusthofstraat 80c, 3061 WH Rotterdam


I’m already looking forward to pampering myself. Do you know a good beauty salon in Rotterdam.

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