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Awesome female artists in Rotterdam

By Julia Den Outer
March 02, 2022

As you may know, Rotterdam is brimming with creative artists. Both man and woman and everything in between and beyond. In this article I would like to introduce you to a few women who create very special and unique works.

I think it’s cool to put female artists in the spotlight for once. It’s not always easy for the girls in that world. In addition, I really like their work.

Makers like these also make this city what it is: unique and diverse. These artists create works in all kinds of different disciplines. Think of graphic art, photography and murals, so read on quickly and get to know these 8 artists.


Sandra Zeggara Patow


Sandra Zegarra Patow is a true all-rounder. She creates multidisciplinary artworks, photos and also mixes music as a DJ. In her work she focuses on topics such as the human psyche, sexual freedom and cultural history. Her work is just as diverse as her subjects.

I always think her photos radiate a fierceness. You can clearly see that she has a good connection with her subjects.

Sandra’s roots are in Peru, but she grew up here in Rotterdam. During the pandemic she mixed her first music in Peru. 20 Uñas, her DJ alter ego, combines all kinds of music. Think psychedelic cumbia with lo-fi beats and reggaeton. One thing is certain, she always knows how to surprise you.

Check out the Instagram account @cholandesaa.


Iriée Zamblé

Solo exhibition at Unfair Amsterdam, photo by Matthijs Immink.

Iriée Zamblé creates drawings and paintings inspired by the daily life around her and the Afro-Atlantic culture. Her portraits have a powerful and poignant aura, it’s as if they want to tell you something. These people have their own story, outside the canvas.

Irée says her works are a way of capturing Coolness. Coolness has its origins in West Africa, you can see it in fashion, language or an attitude. It’s a way of taking your space with pride. In her works, black people are given all the space and freedom to be themselves and to show themselves.

Check out the Instagram account @irieezamble.


Lisa Blaauwbroek

Lisa Blaauwbroek sees the beauty in the everyday. For example, this Rotterdam woman thinks it’s amazing that something banal can also be mysterious. Lisa’s works are very diverse, they are colourful, abstract, but also figurative. They show that sometimes there can be something magical in something you’ve seen hundreds of times. Her projects also shine a light on life around us. In her latest work Feed Me this all comes together.

Feed Me responds to the difficult times that the catering industry has (or had). She drew food she felt like eating. For example in baklava, sushi, tacos or bitterballen. Whoever ordered this meal for her, got the drawing of it. This way she supported the catering industry, but also herself. Unfortunately for us, Feed Me has been exhibited and the works have been collected by the owners. But keep an eye on her, who knows what wonderful project is yet to come.

Check out the Instagram account @lisabluepants.


Nina Valkhoff

I first saw Nina Valkhoff’s work in the middle of the city during POW! WOW!. Nina is a mural painter. You immediately recognize her works because of the lifelike (but very large) animals and colourful plants. She prefers to paint endangered species and wants to make the viewer aware of their existence and splendor.

Nina does not only make murals in Rotterdam, but all over the world. You can find her walls in Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, Italy and Portugal. Nina paints walls of apartments, restaurants, offices and shops. Her creations give an urban environment a colourful boost. Take a look at her work in Charlois, for example.

Check out the Instagram account @ninapelirroja.


Larissa Monteiro

The World With A Thousand Eyes

Larissa Monteiro is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. She works with mediums such as video, sound, graphic design and installations. Her work is always an experience, you really have to see and immerse in it it yourself. In her creations she explores themes such as sleep, fear and daily rituals.

She continues to challenge herself by researching the most diverse topics. She is now working on an installation in which brain waves, sound, design and psychological health come together. Oh don’t forget, make sure to listen to her monthly radio show at Venevo Live.

Check out the Instagram account @massiral.


Eveline Schram

No Shame

Eveline Schram’s work is an explosion of bright colours and graphic shapes. She makes digital art, prints, but also paintings and murals. Her works are very cheerful because of the use of colour, but she also touches on sensitive subjects.

For example, a recurring theme in her autonomous work is the relationship of women with our own bodies and nature and the role of shame in this. A powerful and relevant topic.

Check out the Instagram account @eveline.schram.


Lara Bruggeman

As a digital artist and graphic designer, Lara Bruggeman creates commissioned works as well as her own projects. In her works she experiments with different media in the visual world. Technology is a great source of inspiration in Lara’s works.

In her creations she explores the interaction between the physical and digital world. Forms and materials will lead a completely different life digitally: everything can be manipulated. This has created a whole new way of expression. Lara investigates whether the digital formal language can be translated into the physical world, and vice versa.

Check out the Instagram account @lara__bruggeman.


Maite Prince

Maite Prince makes illustrations that immediately make me want to draw myself. This born and bred Rotterdammer shows women in all their powerful forms. Her works radiate positivity. They contain a lot of colour that can really only make you happy. Definitely nice works for on your wall.

The illustrations are inspired by Maite’s immediate environment and the people in it. In her works you see all kinds of people in different shapes and sizes. West and North African and Japanese artists are also sources of inspiration. The works are first made with pencil and fineliner and then converted into digital art.

Check out the Instagram account @maiteprince.


I know that I haven’t mentioned all the amazing female artists in Rotterdam. But hopefully this gives you a little bit of an idea about the talents that Rotterdam has. And, there really are many more! That is also something to be proud of. That there are too many to mention in one list.
But do you know any other cool makers from and in Rotterdam? Be sure to let me know!

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