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De Oude Haven in de herfstmaanden in Rotterdam. Ligt het er niet prachtig bij?

7 Perfect autumn photo spots in Rotterdam

By Marion Rault
October 15, 2020

Autumn in Rotterdam is already here! It is time to say goodbye to our favourite summer clothes and hello to our raincoat. But do not worry, because it is also a great time to enjoy the autumn colours and take beautiful golden tones photos.

To help you get ideas and take great fall pictures during your visit in Rotterdam, I’m sharing my top 7 perfect autumn photo spots in Rotterdam.

Are you ready? Let’s discover Rotterdam in autumn!

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1. Het Park and the view from the Euromast

Wil je mooie herfstfoto's maken in Rotterdam? Bezoek dan eens de Euromast om Het Park van bovenaf te bekijken en zo de herfstkleuren van de bladeren te bewonderen.

Photo by @marionro.cks.

The Euromast, the highest building in Rotterdam, is a well-known place in Rotterdam and a must visit during autumn. During the month of October and November, you will be able to see plenty of fall colours from Het Park under your feet.

I also recommend a walk in Het Park, where you will be surrounded by high trees and golden leaves, a perfect autumn photo spot in Rotterdam. If you go over there, don’t miss the nice cafés Dudok in het Park and Parqiet. They are located in the middle of the park, offering a great setting to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee to warm you up after this nice walk.

TIP: Buy your ticket for the Euromast here.

Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam


2. Oude Haven (Old harbour)

De Oude Haven in de herfstmaanden in Rotterdam. Ligt het er niet prachtig bij?

Photo by @marionro.cks.

I definitely recommend going to the Oude Haven, one of the oldest harbours in Rotterdam. This is one of my favourite autumn photo spots.

In this authentic Dutch harbour, you will find old ships and several iconic buildings. For instance, the Witte Huis (White House), which was once the highest building with its 43 meters (hard to imagine now!).

This place is offering so much photo opportunities at any time of the year, but particularly during autumn, when the trees along the harbour are turning gold. It gives the place a unique atmosphere.

In addition, at the water’s edge, you will find cozy places to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee, under a warm blanket.

Oude Haven, 3011 WB Rotterdam


3. Historisch Delfshaven

Historisch Delfshaven is een mooi gebied in Rotterdam. Bewonder de jachthaven met mooie oude hoge herenhuizen en leuke cafetjes.

Photo by @marionro.cks.

As you might already know, Delfshaven is the historic part of the city. It is quite different from the rest of the city.

As it is the oldest quarter of Rotterdam, you will find preserved buildings that survived the bombing during World War II. The old buildings and trees with yellow and orange leaves along the canal makes it another must-see in Rotterdam during the autumn.

This is a charming area with a typical Dutch architecture style. I love to go there to capture beautiful golden tones photos and I would definitely recommend you to go there to take amazing autumn photos. After your photo session, you can make a stop in the old and authentic brewery Pilgrim to enjoy a local beer.

Aelbrechtskolk, 3024 RE Rotterdam


4. Kralingse Bos & Plas

De Kralingse Plas is tijdens de herfst in Rotterdam ook heel mooi om te zien. Ideaal voor een boswandeling!

Photo by @marionro.cks.

Kralingse Bos & Plas is an inescapable place of Rotterdam thanks to its huge lake surrounded by forest. Next to the lake, you can also admire old windmills. For me, this is a must-see if you plan to visit Rotterdam during autumn and if you are looking for some autumnal golden tones pictures.

What makes it special is that it is the biggest city park in Rotterdam, so you will benefit from a break with the urban atmosphere. While enjoying autumn vibes, you will have the opportunity to get the best out of it through your fall photos.

To sum up, this is a spot that will offer a perfect and bucolic setting to your autumn pictures.

Kralingse Plas, Rotterdam


5. Hillegersberg-Noord

Ook Hillegersberg en de Rotte is ideaal om te bezoeken tijdens de herfstmaanden!

Photo by @marionro.cks.

Hillegersberg-Noord is a neighborhood in the North of Rotterdam. This place doesn’t feel urban at all, while it only takes 15 minutes from the city center by bicycle.

A good idea is to bike all around the lake Bergse Voorplas and then visit the Rotte, which is the river that runs along the lake. At one point, you will come across an old windmill that has been refurbished and is currently inhabited.

During your journey, make a stop to admire the landscape, which is offering beautiful golden tones and a perfect autumn photo spot.

Another idea is to rent a boat, directly next to the lake. You will have the possibility to make a tour on the lake, or even to reach the city center by following the river.

Prinsemolenpark, 3056 LE Rotterdam


6. Streets in Kralingen & the city park Meertje

Het Meertje in Kralingen.

Photo by @marionro.cks.

Kralingen is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Rotterdam, with so many magnificent old houses. I like to get lost in this area, and I advise you to try it too!

There are plenty of amazing autumn photo spots to be found here. There are many tree-lined streets offering a mix of golden leaves and red brick houses in the background during the months of October and November.

To give you an example, a street where I like to take a walk is the Lusthofstraat.

Also in this area, there is a hidden and perfect autumn place for your pictures that I spotted for you: Meertje. It was such a nice discovery as this place offers a completely different atmosphere than the rest of the city. It is a little peaceful place in the middle of Kralingen.

TIP: During the golden hour (the hour before the sunset), the light is really beautiful and it will bring something more to your photos!

Slotbrug 29, 3062 PL Rotterdam


7. Courtyard City hall Rotterdam

The courtyard of the City Hall of Rotterdam is a beautiful hidden gem in our city. Not everyone knows that you can freely visit this garden! That’s why it’s an oasis of peace in the middle of the city.

Admire the beautiful architecture, fountain and statues. In the fall, the beautiful flowers here may not be in bloom, but the red and orange-colored leaves make it a colourful spot. Perfect for taking autumn photos!


Those were the 7 perfect autumn photo spots. Let us know which is your favourite one in the comments below. Also, share your best photos on Instagram with the hashtag #WeekendsinRotterdam for a chance to be featured!


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