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Ask the local: Selma about Asian Glories in Rotterdam

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Every other week we ask a local about their favourite spot in Rotterdam. This could be anything: a fancy restaurant, breakfast place or club, but it could also be a park or a street somewhere in Rotterdam. The Ask the Local series is a great way for tourists to get some inspiration for awesome locations to visit in Rotterdam. This time we spoke with Selma about Asian Glories in Rotterdam. 


Ask the Local: Selma about Asian Glories


25 years old | Advisor at EY | Food, fitness, Netflix and going for drinks in the city with friends


Selma van Slobbe bij haar favoriete hotspot van Rotterdam: Asian Glories in het centrum.

What is your favourite place in Rotterdam?

“Asian Glories on the Leeuwenstraat in Rotterdam.”

Why is this your favourite place?

“Ever since Asian Glories has opened I’ve come here with my family. Every birthday, graduation and other important milestone in my life has been celebrated here. We also visit Asian Glories when we have nothing to celebrate, but when we’re craving very good food. The Asian Glories staff is like family to us, the service is excellent and the food is incredible.”

How do you know this place?

“Through my parents, they heard from another waiter at another restaurant that a new Chinese restaurant had opened.”

How often are you here?

“Approximately every other month.”

What is your favourite dish at Asian Glories?

“The Peking duck.”

What do you think is so special about Rotterdam?

“The vibe and the people. Locals are very direct and real in Rotterdam and that way you really know what you can expect. Other than that, Rotterdam is just a beautiful city and there is enough to do here (good food, drinks, shops, and more!).”


Do you want to be featured in our Ask the Local series? Send us an e-mail to info@weekendsinrotterdam.com and tell us about your favourite spot in the city in a few sentences!

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