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Ask the local: Silvie about HipHopHuis

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Every other week we ask a local about their favourite spot in Rotterdam. This could be anything; from a fancy restaurant, breakfast place or club to the local zoo and park. The Ask the Local series is a great way for tourists to get some inspiration for cool locations to visit in Rotterdam. For this edition we spoke with Silvie about her favourite place in Rotterdam: HipHopHuis.


Ask the Local: Silvie about HipHopHuis


24 years old | Student | Dancing


What is your favourite place in Rotterdam?

“The place I regularly find myself in Rotterdam is at the Hiphophuis.”

Why is this your favourite place?

“I dance different dance styles, but my “main” style is street dance / hip hop. To continue developing myself in this dance style, I take lessons at Hiphophuis every week.”

How do you know this place?

“When I was 14, I was asked to dance at a dance group in Rotterdam. The dancers I used to dance with, and whom I looked up to, mostly trained at the Hiphophuis.”

How often are you here?

“Every week.”

What do you think is so special about this city?

“Rotterdam really feels like “my” city. Since my childhood I often had to dance in Rotterdam. And each time I got to know a new part of Rotterdam again. I went to the dance academy in Rotterdam. My love for dancing was therefore linked to the city. I’ve really fallen in love with it. There is so much to do, especially in the summer. Since last year, I live in the center of Rotterdam and I would not be able to imagine moving to another city.”


Address: Delftsehof 19, 3013 Rotterdam

Route: tram or bus stop: Weena; metro or train stop: Central Station

Do you want to be featured in our Ask the Local series? Send us an e-mail to info@weekendsinrotterdam.com and tell us about your favourite spot in the city in a few sentences!

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