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Ask the local: Mireille about the Erasmus Bridge

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Every other week we ask a local about their favourite spot in Rotterdam. This could be anything; from a fancy restaurant, breakfast place or club to the local zoo and park. The Ask the Local series is a great way for tourists to get some inspiration for cool locations to visit in Rotterdam. For this first edition week we spoke with Mireille about her favourite place in Rotterdam: the iconic Erasmus Bridge.


Ask the Local: Mireille about the Erasmus Bridge


33 years | Teacher at Grafisch Lyceum | Cooking, baking, travelling and working around the house


What is your favourite place in Rotterdam?

“The Erasmus Bridge (mostly the Kop of South side).”


Why is this your favourite place?

“During the opening of the bridge on 4th of September in 1996 I was there and had breakfast. I was one of the first to walk over the bridge. And even now, 21 years later, it’s the place with the best view of Rotterdam.”


How do you know this place?

“I knew it before it was even build.”


How often are you here?

“Quite often, but I used to come here more often.”


What do you think is so special about this city?

“The diversity of people, buildings, food and events. You can basically find everything in Rotterdam these days! From (food) festivals and cruise ships to extraordinary architecture.”

Do you want to be featured in our Ask the Local series? Send us an e-mail to info@weekendsinrotterdam.com and tell us about your favourite spot in the city in a few sentences!

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