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Als je op zoek bent naar een ontspannen plek in Rotterdam, overweeg dan een bezoek aan de rustgevende Lage Bergse

Ask the Local: Siobhan about Lage Bergse Bos

By Mathilde Simon
January 29, 2018

Every other week we ask a local about their favourite spot in Rotterdam. This could be anything; from a cool hotspot to a local park.

The Ask the Local series is a great way for tourists to get some inspiration for awesome locations to visit in Rotterdam.

This time we spoke with Siobhan about the ‘Lage Bergse Bos’. 


26 years | IT Auditor at BDO | Loves fitness, healthy food, my child (dog) and Netflix

What is your favorite place in Rotterdam?

“Lage Bergse Bos in Rotterdam North”

Why is this your favorite place?

Well I could think of more than one favorite place in Rotterdam, but since we own a lovely dog now I really enjoy spending time with her. Especially when it is nice weather! She loves to run around and play with other dogs when she is of the leash, it is really a perfect way to get some exercise done, meet some fellow dog lovers and enjoy nature. It is the perfect getaway, if you just want a little break from the busy city center of Rotterdam.

How do you know this place?

I know this place, through other friends who also own dogs. And the fact that we also do puppy training with our dog at this place.

How often are you here?

Normally just once every weekend, but last weekend we went twice!

What do you think is so special about Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a beautiful modern city, that really has everything to offer in my opinion. You have lovely modern buildings, a very different range of restaurants, just think of something and you will find it. And of course the nice parks where is can walk my dog. I also really love the fact that people are so straight forward. So if you ask me, it is the perfect city to live in.

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