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Find out everything about Rotterdam!

Discover Rotterdam with these 3 fun tours

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By foot, with a bike or by boat: there is no doubt that you must have seen all that Rotterdam has to offer. In terms of architecture, food and drink, history and culture, the possibilities are endless. But we also understand that if you are new to the city, it is difficult to plan your route. What are the highlights? And how do you get there?

To get the most out of your trip to Rotterdam, it is therefore advisable to book a tour. And luckily for you, there are enough! Experienced guides will show you around and tell you all the ins and outs of the city.

Below we share some great tours with you that we recommend during your stay. At the very end you will find the necessary practical tips. Have fun!

Please note: Some (or all) of the activities below may not be possible during the current crisis. Always follow the RIVM guidelines and keep one and a half meters distance of other people. Stay indoors if you have a cold or the flu. Save this article for when we can do lots of fun things again!

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Discover Rotterdam with these 3 fun tours


1. Rotterdam Highlight Bike Tour

Met de highlight fietstour van seeRotterdam brengt de gids je langs alle bezienswaardigheden van de stad. Je begint in het centrum, fietst naar de Coolsingel, de Willemsbrug, Erasmusbrug, over de Kop van Zuid en richting de Markthal. Ook de Kubuswoningen en de Oude Haven mogen natuurlijk niet worden overgeslagen. 

The Dutch love to bike. We bike to work, get groceries with it and take the children to school. If you are in the Netherlands you will also notice as a tourist that you see bicycles and designated paths everywhere. Thanks to all those cycle paths, you as a cyclist can drive around as safely as possible!

To get the real Dutch feeling as a tourist, cycling in Rotterdam should not be missing on your bucket list. But cycling, planning a route and following the route at the same time can be challenging. We therefore recommend that you book a fun tour that takes you through all the highlights of the city, so that you only have to pedal and simply enjoy.

With the highlight bike tour of seeRotterdam, the guide will take you to all the sights of the city. You start in the center, cycle to the Coolsingel, the Willemsbrug, Erasmusbrug, over the Kop van Zuid and towards the Markthal. Of course, the Cube Houses and the Oude Haven should not be skipped either.

Duration: 2,5 hours
Included: Guide, bike, poncho and VAT
Days: Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
Price: €25,00 p. adult /€19,50 p. child

Would you like to experience this tour for yourself? Then buy a ticket for the Rotterdam highlight bike tour here!


2. Rotterdam Highlight Walking Tour

Ook begint Rotterdam een echte wereldstad te worden, het centrum is prima met de voet te bezichtigen. In twee uur tijd geeft deze tour je een impressie van de stad, waar je lekker kunt eten en welke musea een bezoekje waard zijn. 

Even though Rotterdam is starting to become a real metropolis; the center is easy to discover by foot. In two hours, this tour gives you an impression of the city, tells the guide where you can get the best food and which museums are worth a visit.

What sights can you expect during the tour? Think of the Central Station, the City Hall, the Market Hall, Erasmus Bridge, Cube Houses, the White House, Kop van Zuid and more!

Duration: 2 hours
Included: Guide, poncho and VAT.
Days: Every day
Price: €18,50 p. adult

Excited to experience it yourself? Buying a ticket for the Rotterdam highlight walking tour is very easy via this link.


3. Rotterdam Harbour Bike Tour

Een rondleiding door de haven van Rotterdam is een combinatie van een fietstour en een boottocht. Hierin leer je alles over het verleden, het heden en de toekomst van de haven. Terwijl de gids je alle belangrijke zaken rondom de haven vertelt, bekijk je de stapels containers, boten en kranen. 

Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and is therefore an important part of the city. It stretches out for 40 kilometers and provides 385,000 direct and indirect jobs in the Netherlands. You will not often come across a port like this and therefore very interesting to experience up close.

A tour of the port of Rotterdam is a combination of a bike tour and a boat trip. Here you learn everything about the past, present and future of the port. While the guide tells you all the important things around the port, check out the piles of containers, boats, and cranes.

Duration: 2,5 – 3 hours
Included: Guide, poncho and VAT.
Days: Every Saturday & Sunday
Price: €31,50 p.p.

Booking is simple! Book a tour for the Rotterdam Harbour Bike Tour here.


Practical tips for a bike- or walking tour

1. Don’t forget to bring water; during a long cycling or walking tour it is important to stay hydrated.

2. Our tip is to dress using layers, because believe us, when you cycle up the Erasmus Bridge it is nice to be able to take off your coat!

3. Maybe obvious, but just to be sure: put on comfortable shoes during the tour.

4. Is the sun shining? Don’t forget your sunglasses!

5. A helmet is not mandatory in the Netherlands, but if that makes you feel safer on your bike, that is of course no problem. You can simply borrow these from seeRotterdam; so it is not necessary to bring your own.

6. Put your phone or camera somewhere where you can easily reach it; you want to be able to take some nice pictures during the tour!


Have a lot of fun during your tour through Rotterdam and don’t forget to tag us in all your beautiful photos using #WeekendsinRotterdam!

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