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Genieten van het uitzicht op het terras van de Euromast is ideaal als de zon schijnt. Vanwege de heldere lucht kan je namelijk kilometers in de verte kijken! Wij raden aan om tijdens zonsondergang te gaan, om te zien hoe de gouden zonnestralen de stad verlichten.

25 Fun activities in and around Rotterdam

By Lisanne van Beurden
June 08, 2020

Are you looking for fun activities in Rotterdam? Fortunately, there are plenty of fun outings in and around Rotterdam. In this article you can find enough inspiration for a fun packed day with your friends, loved one or kids!

From the best water activities to things to do on a rainy day, you can find plenty of inspiration in this article. Below you will find all kinds of fun activities and places that you can visit for a fun day out.

Need more inspiration for your time in our city? Check out these fun things to do in Rotterdam.

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Fun water activities in Rotterdam


1. Explore the Maas with the water taxi

There are a lot of fun ways to explore the Maas. For instance, you can go for a ride on the watertaxi. Book a ride on the website or order a taxi by phone and get dropped off at one of the 50 locations in the city.
A nice way to see Rotterdam from the water and also an adventure, because the taxis can ride over the waves pretty quickly.

In addition to the practical function of the water taxi, you can also book it in combination with a tour (for example here!). On this walking tour you first get an extensive explanation from an architect guide before the tour with the water taxi starts.


2. Join the Splash tour

Another fun water activity is the Splash tour. It may look like a normal bus tour, that will take you to the most special places in Rotterdam. But that is not the only thing!

During the tour, the bus literally takes a dip in the Maas. The bus sails further and shows you the city from the water.

Buy a ticket here to hop on this bright yellow sailing bus.


3. Get on board for a cruise in Rotterdam

De beste manier om Rotterdam te ervaren is natuurlijk door middel van een rondvaart. Want geloof ons: vanaf het water ziet Rotterdam er weer heel anders uit! Vaar onder de Erasmusbrug en de Willemsbrug door, bekijk de verschillende havens, zie waar vroeger de Holland-Amerika Lijn vertrok en ervaar Rotterdams unieke karakter. 


The best way to experience Rotterdam is of course by taking a boat trip. Sail under the Erasmus Bridge and the Willems Bridge, view the various ports, see where the Holland-America Line once left and experience Rotterdam’s unique character.

We recommend this tour for a quiet one hour cruise, which covers all the highlights of Rotterdam. On the boat you can sit on deck, but you can also sit inside if it rains.


4. Get a tour of the port

Als grootste havenstad van Europa, maakt de haven een belangrijk deel uit van Rotterdam. Het zorgt voor 385.000 directe en indirecte banen bij bedrijven in Nederland en strekt zich uit over een lengte van maar liefst 40 kilometer. Uniek in z'n soort en daarom een essentiële bezichtiging tijdens je bezoek aan Rotterdam.

As the largest port city in Europe, the port is an important part of Rotterdam. It provides 385,000 direct and indirect jobs at companies in the Netherlands and extends over a length of no less than 40 kilometers. Unique in its kind and therefore an essential part during your visit to Rotterdam.

Learn more about the port during this cruise. You will be part of the traffic around the harbor, view the shipyard, the dock and the modern handling of thousands of containers.

It is also nice to explore the harbor through a bicycle tour. At this port bike tour, you drive through the center, board (by bike) for a 30-minute boat trip and then go ashore to see all aspects of the port.

Check out more water activities in Rotterdam in this article!


5. Spend the night on the water

Rotterdam is de ideale plek voor een stedentrip. Het is rijk aan architectuur, historie, kunst en heel veel leuke hotspots. Maar hoe maak je jouw weekend nou ?xtra bijzonder? Hieronder delen wij de meest bijzondere hotels in Rotterdam om te overnachten.

Are you planning on spending the night in Rotterdam? Then I definitely recommend to choose a special accommodation and luckily there are plenty of amazing places to stay in Rotterdam.

For instance, you can stay on the steamship ss Rotterdam. Here you can stay in one of the 254 rooms with a choice of six different room types. If you want something a little cozier, we recommend the Wikkelboat (pictured above):  a multifunctional, sustainable and super tiny place to stay on the water.

Be sure to read about more unique hotels in Rotterdam in this article.


Fun summer activities in Rotterdam


6. Visit Hoek van Holland and the beach club Pele Surf Shack

Heerlijke limonades bij Pele Surfshack in Hoek van Holland. Bij deze vegan strandtent kun je heerlijke vegan gerechten en snacks eten!

Looking for an amazing summer activity? Then be sure to visit Pele Surf Shack, the first plant-based beach club in the Netherlands. Although it is not in the center of our city, it is definitely worth traveling to Hoek van Holland and trying one of their plant-based dishes. And while you’re there, you can make it a fun day at the beach!

Pele Surf Shack is open all summer, seven days a week. Unfortunately they are closed during the winter, but the doors open again in March.


7. Rent a sloop on the Kralingse Plas

Surrounded by the Kralingse Bos, this lake is the place where the Rotterdammer goes during a summer day. When the sun shines it is full of people barbecuing, children playing and friends enjoying a drink.

A fun summer activity is renting a boat and float around on the Kralingse Plas. A quick Google search and you will find several places where you can rent a boat!


8. Go for a walk in Rotterdam

Put on your walking shoes and explore Rotterdam on foot! This way you can easily discover unique spots in the city. And of course it’s a wonderful way to get moving.

There are plenty of great places to go for a walk in Rotterdam, such as the Maasboulevard where you have a beautiful view of the Rotterdam skyline.

In addition, there are plenty of beautiful lush green parks, hidden places and cool street art to explore!

TIP: Would you like to go for a walk and discover the highlights of Rotterdam? Then check out this walking tour with a guide. During this tour you visit the Markthal, Cube houses, Rotterdam city hall and more!


9. Follow a street art route in Rotterdam

op de Korte Hillestraat, gemaakt door het Rotterdamse kunstenaars Duo Telmo (Pieper) & Miel (Krutzmann) en de Australische Sam Bates, beter bekend als Smug. Het realistische kunstwerk met een geraamte heeft als mooie boodschap: van binnen zijn we allemaal hetzelfde.

Street art door Smug en duo Telmo Miel in de Afrikaanderwijk.

In recent years, more and more street art can be found in Rotterdam. The great thing is that the municipality of Rotterdam gives artists the space to create something cool.

For example, in our city you can find the interactive Make It Happen artworks and there are often initiatives by Pow Wow Rotterdam and Rewriters010 (among others). They brighten up boring walls with high-quality street art!

Download the Rewriters app to follow a street art route in Rotterdam. This app takes you to the most beautiful street art in Rotterdam and gives you background information about the artwork and the artist. The routes are updated several times a year, so there is always something new to discover.


10. Spend a night at the unique Culture Campsite

Dit is een van de slaap objecten bij Culture Campsite. In totaal zijn er bij Culture Campsite in Delfshaven 12 objecten die plaats bieden voor 24 gasten die op zoek zijn naar een unieke ervaring. Net als de slaapplekken, vind je de wc en douche in een duurzaam kunstobject.
I already mentioned unique accommodations on the water in this article, but did you ever consider camping in a city? Because that’s definitely possible in Rotterdam!

At the Culture Campsite in Delfshaven, you sleep in art objects made from already existing material. The 12 objects can accommodate 24 guests who are looking for a unique experience. Just like the ‘rooms’, you will find the toilet and shower in a sustainable art object.

The Campsite also offers a hot tub and a place for food: a nice terrace and a place where guests can cook. A truly unique experience, in which visitors, art, architecture and sustainability come together.


11. Get a breath of fresh air on the Euromast

Genieten van het uitzicht op het terras van de Euromast is ideaal als de zon schijnt. Vanwege de heldere lucht kan je namelijk kilometers in de verte kijken! Wij raden aan om tijdens zonsondergang te gaan, om te zien hoe de gouden zonnestralen de stad verlichten.

If you’re visiting Rotterdam for the first time, a visit to the Euromast is the perfect way to spend your day. Especially if the sun is shining! Because of the clear sky, you’ll be able to see for miles in the distance! We recommend going during sunset to see how the golden rays of sunlight illuminate the city. Also: don’t forget to bring your camera!

The Euromast, with its 185 meters, is the highest building of the Netherlands. The Euromast is part of the World Federations of Great Towers (WFGT): the 37 most beautiful and highest towers of the world, such as the Burj Khalifa, the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building.

Not only can you enjoy the beautiful view over Rotterdam, it’s also possible to book a table and have a delicious dinner or just get some drinks. Also with a view of our city, of course!

TIP: Buy your ticket for the Euromast here.


Fun things to do during a rainy day in Rotterdam


12. Enjoy a high tea

Deze speciale afternoon tea op het ss Rotterdam begint met een glas Prosecco of een jus d'orange, gevolgd door sandwiches, wraps, muffins, vers fruit en zoete delicatessen. De zoetigheden bestaan bijvoorbeeld uit nougat, brownies en macarons.

Afternoon Tea on the ss Rotterdam.

Nothing is cozier than sitting inside and drinking a warm cup of tea, while outside the raindrops fall down. So, a perfect moment to book a high tea!

During a high tea you get unlimited cups of tea and sweet treats such as scones, pies and chocolate. On the ss Rotterdam they offer a special Afternoon Tea. It starts off with a glass of Prosecco or jus d’orange, followed by sandwiches, wraps, vegetable muffins, fresh fruit and sweet delicacies. Think of homemade nougat, brownies and macarons.

Are you already getting hungry? Check out the best places for a high tea in Rotterdam.


13. Play a game of lawn bowling at Mooie Boules

Je kunt Mooie Boules vinden in een karakteristieke metaal fabriek in het opkomende ZOHO. De fabriek is helemaal omgetoverd tot Frans dorpsplein. Lokale restaurants serveren signature dishes en de bar schenkt een breed assortiment aan wijn, speciaal- en lokaal bier. Echt een ideale plek voor een (na)middag of avondje gezelligheid met vrienden!

You can find Mooie Boules in a characteristic metal factory in the emerging ZOHO area. It’s a unique hotspot, because it’s the first Rotterdam food hal where you can also play a game of lawn bowling. It’s a fun place to go if you’re looking for a fun activity with your friends.

The factory has been completely transformed into a French village square.  Local restaurants serve signature dishes and the bar serves a wide range of wine, specialty and local beer. And of course you can play a game of lawn bowling here.

Mooie Boules is a perfect spot for fun with friends!


14. Visit one of the Escape Rooms in Rotterdam with your friends

Naast twee leuke escape rooms voor kids, kan je bij Escape Mission drie toffe kamers uitspelen. Kies bijvoorbeeld voor Area 51, met een leeg laboratorium waar een virus op de loer ligt. Of kies voor London Room; hier is het aan jullie om de detective te helpen met het vangen van de seriemoordenaar. Tot slot kan je naar de Missing Room, waarin verschillende teams zomaar zijn verdwenen en jullie het mysterie op moeten lossen.

Are you looking for a bit of excitement? Then visit one of the many Escape Rooms in Rotterdam. Such as Escape Mission.

In addition to two fun escape rooms for kids, you can escape three fun rooms at Escape Mission. For example, choose the Castle. In this room you step into the shoes of Robin Hood and your mission is to steal the King’s crown. Finally, you can go to the Missing Room, where different teams just disappeared and you have to solve the mystery.

Check out more Escape Rooms in Rotterdam in this article.


15. Have a swim at an indoor swimming pool

Rotterdam heeft een groot aantal overdekte zwembaden! En binnen zwemmen is natuurlijk een geweldige manier om nog steeds actief te blijven met slecht weer. Er zijn zwembaden met leuke kinderrecreatie, maar ook zwembaden met sauna's en stoomcabines. 

Luckily Rotterdam has a wide variety of indoor pools! Having a swim indoor is a great way to stay active when it’s cold and rainy outside. There are swimming pools with fun recreational sections for children, but also pools that include saunas and steam cabins.

You can find a list of all the pools here (only in Dutch).


16. Visit one of the many museums in Rotterdam

Een activiteit die leuk is voor alle leeftijden. Het Maritiem Museum Rotterdam bevindt zich in één van de grootste en oudste museumhavens van Nederland en hier leer je meer over het verleden én heden van de Rotterdamse haven. Met tentoonstellingen, activiteiten en een collectie aan historische schepen en kranen ben je hier wel even zoet. Ideaal voor bijvoorbeeld een regenachtige dag of als je op pad bent met kinderen. 

Photo by Theo de Man.

A day at a museum is always fun and in Rotterdam there are plenty of museums to visit.

A fun museum to visit is the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. This museum is located in one of the largest and oldest museum ports in the Netherlands and here you can learn more about the past and present of the port of Rotterdam. With exhibitions, activities and a collection of historic ships and cranes, you’ll be here for a while.

Ideal for a fun activity with kids and on a rainy day.


17. Have a look in the Kijk-Kubus

A visit to the Kijk-Kubus is a great thing to do on a rainy day in Rotterdam. In the Kijk-Kubus you get a glimpse what a Cube House looks like from the inside.

Rotterdam is known worldwide for its architecture. This is partly due to the iconic Cube Houses. So rain or shine, you must visit the Cube Houses!

TIP: To really have the full experience of living in a Cube house, you can also decide to stay at Stayokay Rotterdam Cube Hostel, which is a hostel in one of the cubes. Or rent a luxurious Cube house entirely for yourself via Airbnb.


18. Go on the Rotterdam hop on, hop off bus

Are you in Rotterdam for the first time and do you want to see as much as possible? Then a hop-on hop-off is more convenient than you think. With a 24- or 28-hour ticket you can get in and out wherever and whenever you want.

Of course it is best to discover Rotterdam on foot or by bike, but during a rainy day it is nice that you can hide from the rain in a bus and warm up. Then to brave the rain again with your umbrella and still admire all the sights of Rotterdam!


Fun kids activities in Rotterdam


19. Visit Plaswijckpark

Plaswijckpark is fun for the whole family! It consists of Speelwijck, Dierenwijck and Wandelwijck.

You can find all kinds of playgrounds in Speelwijck. In the Verkeerstuin or Traffic Garden you can drive a car, in the Apenspeeltuin or Monkey Playground you can lie around on the ropes. Is it raining? Then go play inside the Huis in de Heuvel or House in the Hill.
Do you love animals? Then visit the Dierenwijck and meet the different animals that live there.

De Wandelwijck is where you, but especially your parents, can relax for a bit. There is a Picnic Pasture, a Rosarium with 40 varieties of roses and an English garden with several fountains.


20. Discover miniature Rotterdam at Miniworld Rotterdam

Miniworld Rotterdam is a super fun place for a day out with your kids. It is an indoor miniature world of Rotterdam with everything you can imagine. Here the kids discover the world in miniature size, a unique way to get to know the metropolis of Rotterdam better.

Expect over 650 square meters with Rotterdam polder landscapes, modern and historical architecture and of course the port of Europe. Everything is surprisingly detailed. Really a top place for a family outing in Rotterdam!


21. Visit Kids Marina

Kids Marina is a super fun water attraction in Rotterdam. Children can feel like a captain as soon as they get on one of the children’s boats. The great thing is that at Kidsmarina they immediately gain insight into the port and its functions and vehicles. So it’s an educational and fun day out in Rotterdam!

The kids can easily sail the model boats themselves and the boats are powered by electric motors. A boat trip takes 15 minutes from sailing to mooring.


22. Villa Zebra

Villa Zebra is a children’s museum with contemporary visual art. Visit Villa Zebra for interactive exhibitions and art installations, art workshops and reading afternoons.


23. Pannenkoekenboot (Pancake Boat)

f you are looking for the real Dutch experience with the family, you should go with the Pannenkoekenboot (which is Dutch for Pancake Boat). In addition to tasting the typical Dutch pancakes, you will explore Rotterdam with a boat trip on the Maas. A super fun children’s activity, but secretly also fun (and delicious of course) for the grown ups.

Be sure of a spot on the Pancake Boat via this link!


Fun things to do in the surrounding areas of Rotterdam


24. Escape the bustle of the city at Ackerdijkse Plassen

Ackerdijkse Plassen is a beautiful nature area between Delft and Rotterdam. So you have to leave Rotterdam for this walking spot (20 minutes by car from the center of Rotterdam), but it is definitely worth a visit, especially if you want to escape from the city.

The nature reserve is a popular place for cyclists, hikers it’s a true bird watchers paradise. From the De Tureluur observation tower you can see how different birds, such as Redshank and Black-headed Gulls, fly and breed. You also have a beautiful view of the Rotterdam skyline!
There are several walking routes you can take. With this walking route around the Ackerdijkse Plassen you walk around the nature reserve.

TIP: Bring a blanket, some food and drinks and enjoy a picnic in the grass during your walk! Take your waste home with you, of course.


25. A day trip to Kinderdijk from Rotterdam

Do you have a whole day? Then visit Kinderdijk. It may not be in Rotterdam, but it is easy to visit from our city. Did you know that you can take the Waterbus from Rotterdam to Kinderdijk? It only takes 30 minutes.
Kinderdijk, with its 19 windmills, has been a world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Tourists from all over the world come here to admire the beautiful windmills. The ingenious system of mill and ground has kept the grounds of Kinderdijk dry for centuries.

TIP: book this tour to Kinderdijkboek deze tour naar Kinderdijk and learn about the 17th-century windmills from an expert guide.


These are the best activities in and around Rotterdam. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll have enough inspiration for a fun packed day.

Do you have any great tips for a fun day in Rotterdam? Let us know in the comments below.


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Are you looking for fun things to do in and around Rotterdam? There are plenty of cool day trips! For instance, visit Kinderdijk, go to the Euromast or join the Splashtour!

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