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About Weekends in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, also known as Manhattan on the Maas, is far from an everyday Dutch city. The city has undergone reconstruction due to the second world war and it shows: tall buildings, the most modern architecture and a beautiful skyline. The city is also full of amazing hotspots and more and more are being added each month. Enough reasons to visit Rotterdam, right?

And that’s where Weekends in Rotterdam comes into play. On our platform you will find the most surprising insider tips from locals about the best restaurants, shops, cultural institutions, activities and hotels. We even reveal hidden gems that we would rather keep to ourselves…

Below you will discover what we all write about!

Een van de leukste hotspots in Rotterdam is toch wel Supermercado. Met een Zuid-Amerikaans tintje drink je hier heerlijke cocktails en eet je hier de lekkerste nacho's.

The best restaurants

Rotterdam is packed with great restaurants, cafes and cocktail bars. Discover our favourite places here!

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the best museums

Rotterdam is the ultimate destination for art lovers! The city is bursting with museums, galleries and art institutions. Discover the perfect cultural spot and get inspired!

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Heb je het nieuwe Depot van Boijmans van Beuningen al gezien? Momenteel is het nog in verbouwing, maar het ziet er al prachtig uit. Deze foto is gemaakt tijdens de zonsondergang.

Things to do

Do you prefer something more active? Or do you just want to be outside? There are nice options for that too.

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The best hotels

For an unforgettable experience, you naturally want to stay in a place that suits you. Fortunately, Rotterdam offers a wide range of hotels that suit every budget. Discover the fine accommodations that this vibrant city has to offer!

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Practical information

There are a number of things to know when planning your trip to Rotterdam. You read them all here!

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How do I get to Rotterdam?

Are you from another city in the Netherlands? Or maybe from another country? Read about the easiest ways to reach Rotterdam.

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Districts of Rotterdam

From the bustling center, the modern Kop van Zuid to the green Kralingen. Read about the best neighbourhoods in Rotterdam.

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